Friday, January 25, 2019

Sometimes Someone’s Clothes Can Help Give You an Answer. 

     A few years ago, one of the men who taught me a few of the greatest lessons of life passed away.  Then about 2 years ago, I made his daughter this quilt out of his clothes.
As you can tell, he was a very patriotic man.  Not just patriotic, but a true biblical follower of God.  Someone who you did not question his focus in life!

     For the last few weeks,  I have been questioning my patriotic stance.  At the same time though,  I wasn’t questioning its biblical stance.  The countries downfall I believe is due to a lack of Christianity and moral values. The United States has for year printed the words "In God We Trust".  Now many do not trust God.

    I entered my quilt room going to another project this week.  For some reason though, I went the other direction and pulled out a bin of the leftovers from Mr. Bobs quilt.  I knew that this was the project I needed to do.  Suddenly I was at peace with my current situation.

     I then cut the clothes using the largest possible square or rectangle I could cut out.  I then used graph paper to lay the quilt out.  I kinda like the “Plan to Quilt” book that I purchased from the fat quarter shop. It really gives an awesome space to develop a layout!  I was able to make the entire top out of parts of Mr Bob’s shirts!

     The backing I really liked was within inches of being big enough to be use for the quilt.  I couldn’t find anything else I really liked. Anything I felt compelled to use.  I did see another long piece of patriotic fabric I liked in the fabric I was given.  So the back has one small peicing.

     Then it’s quilted with just basic straight lines.  I could not decide what to do.  It’s for a boy,  actually his very sweet grandson! A young fella that always smiled when his grandpa was around!! It just didn’t seem fit for any decorative stitches. But of course, Mr. Bob was just plain and patriotic!
     My husband chose a simple red blender as the binding! Honestly,  a joyful finish.

     I struggled for over a month with the country we live in and not getting paid.  I struggled with how those we elected to make decisions for our country were acting like kids.  I then had issues believing in our country.  How could my country decide to not pay myself abs my coworkers?  How could they allow themselves to go on fully paid vacations, but I was stressing if my bills were going to get paid. Why should I have to go to work everyday and be told to rely on a food bank?  This is not what America was built on.
     The answer as I sewed this quilt was the prayer to God of what I should do.  I was stressed enough and did not want to pick up extra at the hospital.  Then the offer after offer of food or the job/opportunity of crafting for someone else.  My friends/aqaintances were stepping up to give the the sign I would survive.  I still haven’t gotten paid, but will this week, I have survived!!!
     As most know,  I like to take photos in special places.  These are taken at the Berkeley County YMCA.  Mr Bob made these fields used for Soccer accessible and also at one time paid for a major pool renovation.  If not for him,  our pool would have been close and we would still have massive rodent infested mountains of debris in our back fields!



  1. What a wonderful quilt with so much meaning, from the shirts and the recipient, to it being a bit of therapy for you. Thank you for continuing to do your job, absent of pay, while spoiled children held their breath to get their way. I continue to hope (and vote) that our country will elect folks who have a better moral core so we can continue to be an amazing country, regardless of party affiliation.

  2. What a very special quilt filled with so much meaning! I’m sure his grandson will LOVE this quilt! And I’m so sorry for what our country has put you and so any others through! Praise God for providing for you in your time of need!

  3. Bravo and thank you for sharing your story!

  4. what a great story! So glad you did this ;)

  5. You assessment about the state of our country is so true! Thank you for sharing the story and quilt. I would really like to see a photo of the quilt straight on if you have one.