Thursday, November 13, 2014

Country Girl Quilt

     I have never met Torie,  but have heard stories about her for the last 8 years.  Her mother Debbie, works with me at the hospital.  She was recently diagnosed with Cancer.  My firsts thought was how young she is.  My boys are her age.  It could just as easily be one of them. 

     I asked her mom her favorite colors and she told me, pink, camo or Aqua.  That made for such an easy quilt color combination.  I just finished one for a friends niece in the same colors.  I had a few scraps left in different pinks and Aquas. I also had some Camo on hand.  Though it is not the best material to quilt with I knew in Country girl fashion Torie would be ok if her quilt wasn't perfect. 

     The same day I heard Torie had cancer I saw a photo of a basic diamond quilt pattern.  It had a rotation of shades in color.  I knew this would be an easy quilt for me to replicate. 

     I started with 10 inch squares that I sewed into 2 half triangle blocks.  I squared them up into 9 1/2 in blocks.  I then laid them out to make 6 diamonds.  I decided that the quilt needed 2 borders.  I made the first of 3 inch aqua strips and the second of 4 inch pink.   I really wanted to bind this quilt in camo, but the fabric was too thick.  I decided that I would use the remaining aqua I had left and made a scrappy rotation of color in the binding. 

     I backed this quilt in another Aqua material I had a large amount of by sewing 2 sections together.  I then did basic quilting by stitching a 1/2 inch from all seams on either side. 

    Torie has a long road ahead of her and I know that she will use this to help others in the future.  I have a feeling that she will be one of those that will not just fight the battle but she will put that fight into helping others!!!! We are cheering for you Torie!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

I Think Pink!

     Last month was breast cancer awareness month.  Breast Cancer keeps creeping in my life.  I feel like friend after friend keeps gets the diagnosis.  And friend after friend has faught the fight.   And they have all won but one,  Cindy.  We celebrated the anniversary of her death last month.  

     So a breast cancer conversation is common for my house especially after a commercial.  As I drove home from school with my youngest last month, my youngest says to me, "Don't worry Moma,  if you get breast cancer, I will take care of you".  I smiled and told him thanks.  Not knowing that in a few I would be driving to work to find out some  bad news.  My friend Emily told me she had breast cancer.  Those words made my head spin.

     As of now all of my friends with breast cancer were older then me.  But Emily was my same age. She was in my 8th and 9th grade class.  The thought of how it always happens to the good person hit.  The the thought of how it really could be me.   The fears of uncertainty. 

     Emily is the coworker who you could always depend on to smile.  The one I always know could count on.  I can't let her get down and I will do what I can to prevent it. So in the spirits of Terry,  it's quilt time!  If you know me, I believe a blanket can provide you a hug.  On your lowest day it can wrap you in love, just as your mom did when you were a baby. 

     I saw this Riley Blake fabric a year ago and had to have it.  I knew one day I would need to make the quilt I saw a pattern for that matched the fabric.  I have not done this type of appliqué, but if you know me, I am going to try it!!!   This quilt is amazing(or the appliqué pattern is)!!!!

     I did not follow the quilt instructions because I did not have yardage of each fabric.  But I did have a fat quarter pack and some yardage.  So I cut 6 inch squares of each and made 2 strips.  I added that in with the 4 fabrics I had yardage of.  I did not have an antique white,  so I used a white on white.  I then cut strips of a gray that I used to border the white and the quilt.  

     I FMQ it with a pale pink. My machine kept snagging the bottom thread, but I kept on.  I had to finish for today.  I did the Appliqué process.  I think I did alright for the first time.  The letters were a long tedious process but I finished!  I might look at other appliqué processes for the future.    I bound the quilt in the gray.  The backing is little pink flowers on white.    I left off the quilt tag.  For no reason but I couldn't decide what to put.  Yes, Terry did not know what to say.    

     This is one of my favorite quilts!!! I love the colors and what it represents!!  A cure, survival!!  I photographed it on the hospital grounds. In the healing garden.  I know that Emily will heal from this and become a better person from it.  God hands is all challenges.  It's the lesson we take from it that matters!!!   

     The hospital has formed team Emily!!! Here is last nights Cheering crew.  We love you Emily!! 

     And of course here is Emily.  Today she is getting her first chemo treatment.  And today we all declare her a Survivor!

P.S.  Emily, if you read this,  I left it in front of Jeanine's Aroma therapy devices.  Thought you might need the destressing smell of Work! Lol!!