Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pinwheel Mini Quilt

     As you well know I I have been participating in the Focus Through The Prism monthly quilt challenge.  The challenge is to use a different color of ROYGBIV to complete the theme of each month.  To participate you must order a batch of hand dyed Fabric from Cherrywood Fabrics.  The theme is a different quilt block every month, announced on the 1st.  It's hosted by Persimon Dreams Blog. 


     Of course I decided to go in color order and this month is green!  I ordered an extra set of different dyed fabric.  It had 2 other pieces in it that were green.  So I went with them and a green on green print from my stash.

     I then googled on Pinterest, pinwheel patterns and found a bunch I liked!   Because I started the day before the project was due, I was strapped for time and went with one large one.  Here is the blog I went with:

    I decided to do a one inch border around the pinwheel block of the Green fabric.  Then a 3 inch border of the patterned fabric. 

     To bind it,  I used the hand dyed green again.  And did the most challenging part of hand sewing the binding down.  

    For the backing I used the green on green fabric. 

     I Freemotion quilted it by trying to make the curves of the pinwheel match the lines in the quilt.  In the first border I did miniature swirls.  I hurried threw them so they are not as pretty as I would like.  In the outer boarder I just did a small simple wave.  I thought about doing a second wave, but I liked the simplicity of this. 

     So after taking every second of time I had as a break on my night shift,  I was able to hand sew the binding on!! To excited that I could finish!!

     This mini quilt is so simple, but I actually like it.  I really am enjoying the creativity and ease of these challenges!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wade's Next Adventure


    Today is college move in day for my oldest son Wade.   A new adventure for my family.  Wade has only been away from us to go to church camp during the summer.  So say a prayer to lead him in the right direction.  And another for us, so I don't freak out that I am loosing my first born.  

     Wade is going to Horry Georgetown Tech where he is going to the forestry program.  It's just a little over an hour drive there.  The problem is that the roads that direction are all country, bumpy and not the safest.  We have decided to let Wade stay in the dorms at Hobcaw Barony.  A wonderful plantation!! 

     Wade will be staying in the University of South Carolina Dorm.  To bad there is no room in the Clemson dorm!  Just hoping he doesn't try to change sides!  The good thing is there only is a few students staying there and that they are mostly Clemson Grad students!!

     I was discouraged when I went with him to visit the dorm.  It was a true typical bachelors pad.  And most of the guys rooms were a mess.  A big mess!! The kitchen counters were covered and I was overwhelmed.  Good thing is Wade gets his own room and Bathroom this semester!! 

     Came home and discussed the trip with my mother in law.  Her response was,  I will just go there and clean the place up!  I knew Wade would be mad if I did that, but Wade won't say anything to His grandma!

     So we headed to Georgetown today  with a truck load of Wade's stuff and a bunch of cleaning supplies!  

     We cleaned his room which consisted of a bunkbed, closet and desk.  Then we moved on the the bathroom.  The real cleaning project!!  But not long later we were done!! 

     Then we ventured over to Walmart to pick up a shower curtain, rugs and food. Yeah, grandma wanted to make sure his feet stayed clean! 

     Oh, I forgot to tell you that Wade gets his own fridge for the semester, and it's full size! My thought is we will load him up with food monthly!!  One of my big worries is that he won't get enough real food, but with this fridge we can send him meals for a week! 

  Wade will come home on the weekends so he won't be gone all the time.  Wish him luck starting tomorrow!! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Back To My Ahhhh's

     It's been a while since I finished an Ahhhh.  Ahhhh's are Hexies designed by Hillbilly Quilt Shop.  I have decided I need to get back to them, so I can finally finish my quily.  

     Here is Ahhhh #57 "The Carriage". It's really neat how the Ahhhh looks different each way you turn it!!

     I did this Ahhhh in Jason Yenter Deco.  I am doing an entire collection of them that I am almost finished with.  I am kind of excited.  It's been over 2 years in the making!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

My Tuffet Is Finally Finished!!!

     In May 2014 I met one of my favorite quilting friends, her name is Carolyn Harris.  She is from the SC Upstate.  I met her at the Quilters of South Carolina Spring Retreat. I love her personality and wish I lived closer to her.  I met her again at the beginning of this year at our Spring Meeting, we decided at the retreat she would show me how to make a tuffet.  I was so excited!!!

     I got everything for my supply list and was ready when I arrived!  On night one I did the lonest part, drawing the outlines out on muslin.  Then I started picking out and sewing my strips.  I decide to do a light to dark method.  Another long and repetitive process. 

     Later that afternoon I was able to put the sections together. This part really went quickly. 

     After that I chose the fabric for the button cover.  I love the swirls!!  Of course we padded it.  It snapped into place easily!! 

     Then came the big strong Carolyn's help. We stuffed the top of the Tuffet.   This all went on a round cut piece of plywood.  Then we had to wrestle to pull the fabric top over the stuffing!  Carolyn was a pro at this!  

     The electric stapler was pulled out next!!  You staple the layers to the bottom of the wood.  Again using those muscles to tug on the fabric all the way around to make it tight. My first time using an electric one and will never go back to those other one!! Did I say never?? Seriously needs to be added to anyone's craft room!! 

     Next big step with the longest upholstery needle you can find, is sewing the button on!  It actually is the step that helps the tuffet to take shape.  Carolyn used some thick thread and pulled tight!  There are 2 predrilled holes in the bottom of the wood. 

     The next part was glueing the fabric to the bottom.  For this I used 3D permanent fabric glue.  The fabric doesn't match the top the best but I bought it on sale and didn't want to use something that cost a lot.   I decide instead of doing the cheater way and tacking down the edges, I would hand see them.  Weeks later it was done! 

     For the feet I painted them an aqua color I had at the house and screwed them in the holes that were provided.  Carolyn also provided the feet. 

     While visiting a fabric store with Carolyn I saw a Tuffet that had fringe on it.  Once I saw it, I knew that I wanted to do the same!   It took me a few weeks to find the exact one I want but I decided on a dark blue.  On to hand sewing the fringe on.  This took what seemed like forever too.  But I am done!! 

     I then took it outside and sprayed it with Scotchgard really well!! Hoping that it will be sealed for life! 

     I think I will be making a few more tuffets in the future! Minus the hand sewing!   Thank you to Carolyn for teaching me!!  I really love it and know this piece will stay with me for years to come! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

How To Get The Plastic Off A New Door


     We had a new door put in our rental house.  Of course I was given the job of painting it.  After 2 days of putting multiple coats on the door it was time to take the plastic coating off the windows.   This coating is placed to protect the windows during instullation but is wonderful to leave on while painting!!  

     The first window was not a good experience. I slit a hole in the piece of plastic.  It pulled out as a stretched piece of plastic mess.   I decided I needed to find a better way.  

     I turned to my craft shelf where I found a razor!  

     I slit along the glass on the edge of each piece of molding.   Pressing just hard enough to cut the paint and plastic.  

     Make sure you cut up to the corner of each window.  Making sure to be careful and not knock the paint. 

     I then cut a small gentle slit in the middle of the glass. 

     Then gently peal a hole with your finger.

     Then pull the plastic off in one direction.  

     After you hit the corner peel it around in a circle.  The plastic will come off in one piece.

     And look, the windows are done!!  I love the white door!! Now time to paint the trim!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

US National Whitewater Center

     I wanted to write a short blog on one of my favorite places to take an adventure at!  It's the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC.  Honestly, the place is awesome!!  

     The name makes you think Whitewater rafting, but it's so much more then that.  You can go rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, hiking, rope climbing, rock climbing, zip-lining and probably more!  All this in one location! 

     There is so much that can be done that you can't do it all in a day. It's truly an adventure that is affordable at $54 for the day.  Where else can you do all that for one price? 

     If you go be prepared to get wet on rafting and wear comfortable cloths for climbing and zip-lining.  They are very safety conscious and you will be wearing lots of helmets and safety harnesses.  Closed toe shoes are a must and preferably not crocks.  They float off while rafting. They also rent proper footwear.

     You can be a nonparticipant and not pay.  You can hang out on the lawn or one of the pavilions.  

     As for food and drink, you can bring your own and eat at any of the external shelters.  You can bring your drinks in.  We keep a cooler in our car.  There are a few food stations and they are priced at a low amusement price. 

    Most activities are included in the price, but there are a few that have equipment rentals, but again the price is beyond reasonable. 

     We drive over 3 hours to get there, spend the day and come home.  It's an awesome day trip if you live anywhere in a close driving distance. I look forward to next year and seeing the new additions they make! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

S'mores Cake Experience!

     For over a month now my friend Ambers husband Scott has been making comments on Facebook about when he is going to get the S'mores cake that I posted a recipe for on his page. Well,  I gave in, knowing that he deserved a treat and made it for him!!   Here is the blog that inspired it-

     First you bake a yellow cake mix using  the box directions in 2 round cake pans.  

     After they cool, frost the top of each half.  Leave one layer in the cake pan. 

     Then spread graham crackers over the frosting.

     The bottom layer can be placed on a cake plate while the top layer is then covered with marshmallows.  Place this layer back in the oven on a low broil.  
Remember to stay close so the marshmallows don't burn! 

     Take the layer out of the oven when the marshmallows are browned lightly.

     The layer on the cake plate should have the layer of cake frosting, then graham cracker crumbs and then you put a layer of marshmallow cream on top.  I learned later I used too much.  So try to put a thin layer. 

     Now the cake is ready for assembly. Use a large spatula to go between the cake pan and top layer.  Place it on top of the layer on the cake plate.  I suggest using little skewers to hold the laters together in place(lesson learned). Ice the outside edges of the cake with the rest of the chocolate frosting. 

     Break the Hershey bars in 1/2.  Place them on the outer edges of the cake using the frosting to stick to. 

     To clean the outer edges up I used some crushed graham crackers sprinkled on the edges. 

     I hope Scott enjoyed the cake and got his smore fix!