Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday!

     I am getting ready for a vendor event and I have a goal of making 10 items each week.  So last night I cut out 11 items and today is sewing day, or I think it is! I have not gotten to sewing.  Using the quiet house time to clean out a cabinet!  The church is having a Lovolution yard sale Saturday.  That means its a free, yes free yard sale.  So its time to give back and clean out my cabinets at the same time!!!  I find the only way to do this is when no one else is around to set on the stuff of pick up what I have already organized!  I think we have all had that problem at one time or another!  And then while my boys watch the newest Duck Dynasty tonight I will sew!
     In the quilting world I am working on a postage stamp quilt for my mom.  It takes decades for mail to get places and I feel like its taking me decades to do this! I have 2 pieces complete with 200 2 inch squares and hundreds to go!  I decided this week to add blue as the sashing and will go get some this week!!  In the meantime I need to sew 3 other sections.  I will be at 500 squares by that time and will have to start collecting more.  My hope is to have no 2 square out of the same fabric!  If you would like to mail me some 2 inch squares I would be overjoyed!!! You can place a bunch in a regular envelope and place a regular stamp on it!  I would be forever in debt to you if you do!!! Until you do a project like this you do not know the thrill of the little squares!!!
   Back to cleaning so I can sew!  Have a good week and check out the other WIP @     These little blogs motivate me to write and I thrive off other blogs and the ideas they give me!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Favorite Quilt Block Week 3

So I finished before the next week started!!! Yeah!!! Learned a new stitch on my machine with the owls. Might use it again when I get the new machine!!! Of course they are all Clemson Themed! Planning on giving it as a present for someone's graduation in May. 2 new blocks are put out by 2 blogs every other week. At the end of 20 weeks I will have 20 blocks. And a week to finish the quilt. But am excited to give it to a girl that I hope will one day be my sister in law!!!

Keep an eye out for the new blocks and if you feel like joining in, go on over to and join in!! It won't take to long to catch up!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

UFO Sunday

     Today I had oh so many plans.  Made it to church, went grocery shopping and then home to start cleaning.  Oh not I had to go to the ER.  I dropped a mason jar and told my boys I put the glass on top of the can.  But somehow my oldest cut his knuckle enough to get stitches.  So to the ER we went.  Over 4 hours later we are home and all motivation is gone.  But I need to make sure I I clean the kitchen before bed...... But if my husband sleeps on the couch long enough I will try to start sewing my moms blocks together for her postage stamp quilt!!!  Wish me luck!

Paper Piecing

     A little over a month ago I started to doing English Paper Piecing(EPP).  This is the old fashion quilting.  It is where you cut pieces of paper into shapes and hand sew them together.  I was instantaneously hooked!  Then added to the fact that I was using my first Jason Yenter fabric!  I started with large diamonds and used a 6 point star pattern that was inspired by Pinterest!  It was soothing and something I could do on the go.  And if you know me, I need something to do on the go.  I set a goal that I would do 2 a week.  I have made 9 of one pattern and 2 of another in less than 5 weeks.  So I guess I am right on for now!  I have sewn together mo
     A week ago I started the second set.  A set of precut patterns mailed to me by Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks.  They are very inexpensive and perfect cuts and creations!  I love them!  And she mails you a new set(about 8) a month. Excited because I just saw where she posted more tonight!!  Might not catch up till next year!! Tonya also sold me some new Yenter fabric and I love it!!! It is purple Deco and perfect for paper piecing.  Photos below!  And of course with my fabri addiction!!
I am thinking really soon she is going to show us a method that she uses called fussy cut! It's like a kalidescope. Really cool!! Here is a link to her Blog. She is a very inspirational woman who started her business out of necessity. Her husband was ill and out of work. And this stay at home mom has developed a booming business!!! An awesome definition of what a woman can do when her child is in need!! Head on over and see what is happening!! I know if you become a fan you won't regret it!!

Born in the USA

When I looked up the theme for Project quilt last Sunday I knew I had a lot to do this week. I had to work Sunday night after working the entire weekend, only to work again Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I knew I had another 16 blocks to make for a quilt swap that had to be mailed on Tuesday. The theme was "Wish Upon A Star". Something had to been done with a star in the quilt. It just happened that the quilt swap blocks were Red/White/Blue. And then that a lot of the fabric that I had washed was patriotic star themed fabric. So, since I knew I had plenty of excess material from the swap fabric, I decide to make 12 more squares. Added to the fact that I am still following the commitment not to buy any fabric to complete this challenge. Only using fabric that I already have.
So Monday afternoon I evaluated what I had already(picture below) and started Ironing. I was going to stretch it to meet the 30 block goal. I ironed and cut on Monday. And started to sew on Tuesday. But by mailing time I was only able to mail to make 27 blocks for the swap. Meaning I was only able to donate 2 to the Quilts of Valor(going to injured soldiers)
On Friday and Saturday I managed to finish the Project Quilt challenge! A quilt in a week!!!
I decided to call it "Born in the USA" because my oldest sister is going to Germany for a year and said she is taking a quilt with her. I know that there will be many days that she will be wishing that she was home. So this patriotic blanket was made for her to reminder that she was born here and return her!!! Sometimes I think we forget about the soldiers stationed in non Arab countries and what they do for us. Maybe I will make another one and send it overseas.
The blocks on the quilt are 14 inches. All squares inside are offset. They are made to look crocked. Sashed with red and binding done in tiny star fabric. Free motion quilted with Stars in the center of each block. All done in a week or really 2 days! It is 46x 60.

Hope my next posts are not as boring will be showing you tonight where I am with my paper piecing!! And maybe some clothing updates!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Rainy Days

When its raining outside and I am not sleeping, oh and the kids are at school, I see it was sewing time!!! Perfect time to lay the fabric on the floor and start cutting!!!   So todays project is to get at least 2 dresses out, 5 blocks for a block swap and get last weeks My favorite blocks done.  Will get you a post laster today and show you how much I got done before pick up time!!!! Then I guess it will be house cleaning time!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Whirl Of A Week

     This has been a most eventful week.  Or should I say the later end of it!  I worked last weekend, had a day off only to work 3 nights in a row.  Stayed up to get a haircut and help a friend Thursday only to be drug into the doctor Friday with a hurt son.  Thank goodness for my sister Joy.  She is always there to rescue me when needed! She hooked us up with a good surgeon and Waylon had surgery on Saturday morning.  Wonder if that was enough for one week?
     I think I missed Wades first performance last night.  Had to choose between sleep, him and my nephews party.  I slept first went to the party for a while and came home to finish a quilt.  I really needed the sleep and time away!  But he preformed with the Jazz band before the Orchestra played at the high school.  Hope he had some familiar support!!
     My nephew is 30 today.  it seems like yesterday he has 10 and driving me nuts.  Even though I remember him more as the follower.  He was always the one with the tender heart.  When they all picked at me and he sensed that I was getting upset, he would stop!  So here is my shout out to Happy Birthday Brad Lail!  I am proud of you and can't wait till you finish school!!!!  Oh and for you to give someone a ring(hint, hint)!!!!
     The party was back to the 80's party so please ignore the crazy outfits!  The one with the 3 guys is all 3 of my nephews(Casey, Brad and Josh). My niece Zoie as the Blues brothers! My sister Joy, just guess with her hair! And me and my nephew Brad!!
     Did not get much more then my quilt completed this week and an oops block for the My favorite block challenge.  This week I have high hopes with making some girls cloths and a bunch of blocks for a block swap.  Long weekend of work next weekend, so I dont think I will get much done the following week with another challenge up.  Stay tuned to life as I know it!!

AnnieYoung Project Quilt Challenge

I bought this set of batiks at my local quilt shop on sale. I washed it at the beginning of Project quilt knowing I would use it for a challenge!
As soon as I saw Annie Youngs work I thought of batiks. I have never done an art impression themed project so I this was going to be a new path for me. I could not decide what project to do so I called my ever faithful sister and. of course she told me what she liked best! The painting called "Chasm of Truth," under Truth between friends. With a saying that is so true! "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.". A saying that I can really gear toward one of my friends and her life right now. I think that Annie hit it on the head when she chose that comment.
So back to the quilt, trying to make it easy as I could knowing that I worked 4, 12 hour night shifts in a week(for tjose that don't know the entire quilt has to be done in just 1 week), started my patternless quilt(which I don't ever think I have really used a pattern completely)! Fabric conserver me figured a dimensional cut length and width that would not waste any fabric and then I decided to off cut several pieces so that the sewing lines were not totally straight. I randomly sewed the fabric strips in groups and then cut them again. I laid these strips out so that I could try to see a shading like the painting, light to dark and vise versa. I then just sewed up 3 panels and sewed them together.
This is the first time I ever used the use the backing as your binding method. Don't know if I like it. Not sure if its from the fact that I did not use any in the quilt, that I feel that it does not 100% match or if I really don't like the method. I used another piece of tiger stripe batik that had all the reds and purples out of the quilt. Again, bought at the fabric store on sale.
I then quilted it with 3 different color threads. Another new thing for me. The 3 shades to match area. I might try this method again. Decision made though in this process was that I need to only buy the mega spools when quilting. The smaller ones, even though there is a better thread selection don't go far. Maybe when they open the Joann's here in my area in a few months will have more big ones!
I have tried to use each one of the challenges to make a full sized quilt, something I could use as a finished gift during the year. My other goal was to only use fabric from my stash in this project. Not to buy any new fabric. I was guilty of only buying thread. Thread is an item that I don't have as big of a stash of. But I think I need to stock up on during a big quality thread sale!
Not knowing that I would need the stress relief this week, I actually stressed about getting this quilt done. Actually not having anyone in mind to give this too. I was just doing it as a challenge. Then I began to think of how the quilt/painting and it's saying was reflective of one of my friends lives, I decided it would be for her. The joy and no stress returned. Then it was found that my son would need an emergent type of surgery. The day I had planned on finishing most of it had went to taking to the doctor and specialist and my finishing day I was supposed to help with my nephews party, but ended up taking my son to surgery. But with Gods will I finished it!!!
Now to a week off and to working on cloths and English paper piecing!!!
The pictures below are of my staring fabric and my finished quilt. New tradition. Take them on the playground of the school my church is using on Sundays!!