Thursday, November 13, 2014

Country Girl Quilt

     I have never met Torie,  but have heard stories about her for the last 8 years.  Her mother Debbie, works with me at the hospital.  She was recently diagnosed with Cancer.  My firsts thought was how young she is.  My boys are her age.  It could just as easily be one of them. 

     I asked her mom her favorite colors and she told me, pink, camo or Aqua.  That made for such an easy quilt color combination.  I just finished one for a friends niece in the same colors.  I had a few scraps left in different pinks and Aquas. I also had some Camo on hand.  Though it is not the best material to quilt with I knew in Country girl fashion Torie would be ok if her quilt wasn't perfect. 

     The same day I heard Torie had cancer I saw a photo of a basic diamond quilt pattern.  It had a rotation of shades in color.  I knew this would be an easy quilt for me to replicate. 

     I started with 10 inch squares that I sewed into 2 half triangle blocks.  I squared them up into 9 1/2 in blocks.  I then laid them out to make 6 diamonds.  I decided that the quilt needed 2 borders.  I made the first of 3 inch aqua strips and the second of 4 inch pink.   I really wanted to bind this quilt in camo, but the fabric was too thick.  I decided that I would use the remaining aqua I had left and made a scrappy rotation of color in the binding. 

     I backed this quilt in another Aqua material I had a large amount of by sewing 2 sections together.  I then did basic quilting by stitching a 1/2 inch from all seams on either side. 

    Torie has a long road ahead of her and I know that she will use this to help others in the future.  I have a feeling that she will be one of those that will not just fight the battle but she will put that fight into helping others!!!! We are cheering for you Torie!!!

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