Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Boy and His Many Shirts!!

   The theme for Project Quilt Week 5 is "A well dressed Man".  I had soooo many ideas go thru my mind.  I thought about pulling out some of my husbands grandfathers clothes and doing a quit for my son.  I had a T-shitt quilt to do and a purse I am dying to make.  But ultimately I decided to do the project I already had on my to do list for 6 months.  The T-shirt quilt!!

     I had already measured up the t-shirts and had a halfway plan already written up.  Only bad thing was I couldn't figure out half of my drawing.  So I just cut and got started, knowing I would make a go of whatever I made.  I cut the shirts and ironed the french fuse to the t-shirts.

     I sat and debated on the fabric I bought months ago for the sashing and filler.  I bought this fabric because I liked the Eagle fabric and its patriotic meaning and His college mascot.  The flag fabric, though busier then I usually pick just stuck out as a good match.  I decided to use the busy flag fabric as the sashing and binding, then the blue eagle fabric as the filler and outer border. I decided to make the sashing two and a quarter inches.

     When I do a t-shirt quilt, I do not cut all of my blocks to match.  I cut them at different heights and widths dependent on the size of what is on them.  I then try to organize the rows with like heights or widths.  In the end, I wish I would have done this quilt with the blocks facing the opposite direction, but things like that are sometimes just an afterthought.

     Usually I use a lot of filler material.  For this quilt, I had 2 vests, a dress shirt and camo shirt to put in somewhere.  Instead of using the filler I put the vests and shirt in the bigger spaces.  I really did not know what to do of a dress shirt that had prints of New York City on it.  In the end the tall row needed a four and a half inch filler, the Statue of Liberty fit in perfect.  So I put it in the middle.  It may be my favorite part of this quilt!

      This quilt ended up being huge at 82 x 91, it kept growing.  The young man this quilt will belong to is tall like his parents.  So that's a good thing.

      I decided to make the outer border 5 inches.  That allowed the Eagles on the blue to stand out. And when I found a side that was not squared well,  hid my mistake perfectly.

     I don't have my Juki back,  so I decided due to the size of this quilt, I would straight line quilt it.

      I haven't made a T-shirt quilt in a while,  sometimes making them is very unpredictable when it comes to the fabrics provided and you never know how the person your making it for will act.  So I only will do these for a few people, with the understanding that they won't always be perfect.


  1. Wow I like how your ambitious project turned out.

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