Monday, June 27, 2016

Row By Row 2016 Day 5, Row 6


    Today I barely finished a row.  After working a long night shift then having a 8 hour long kayaking adventure.  Sorry for the late post,  just had to get it done!

     Today's row is from Sew Suite Studio in Lexington, SC.   This is actually a cute little place.  She doesn't have much fabric,  but what she does is up to date. She has a very nice collection of precuts. Her machine corner has a nice selection with a little longarm.  She has a little teaching room in the back.  I think this might be the smallest place I stopped at, but she makes the most of it!! I think she does lots of embroidery out of her shop.  And what I think is a mother daughter team is awesome! 

     On to the row!! I loved her patriotic row.  She gave you 3 options, Clemson, Carolina and US colors.  Her pattern was laid out well.  Not to mention printed in color and just easy to follow.  I bought her already embroidered SC state fabric. This row went together so quickly, that is once you got the fabric cut,  she did allow for a little extra invade you made a mistake.  Awesome kit! Might be my favorite,  I love to piece! And this allowed for it.  

     I thight I bought a license plate, but when I got home there wasn't one in the bag:(

Friday, June 24, 2016

Row by Row 2016 Day 4, Row 5

     So excited before I came to work tonight I was able to work on another row!  This kit was amazing and most of the pieces were already cut.  I loved it.  This row is from A Stitch-N-Time, Again in Orangeburg, SC.  It was my fourth stop in my adventure,  Nice to get out of the car after over an hour drive. 

     The shop is easy to find and just a little distance off the interstate.  It was full of fabric and sewing accesories.  A lot of the fabric was older, not much newer stock, but if you are a person like me you would love it.  I was excited to find one of my favorite older Jason Yenter prints!!!  The owner knows her stock and just where things are at.  There is not much meeting and class space in the store, but not sure if she does much either.  I do think it might be a place for me to go hunt if I am looking for an older piece of fabric!!

     As for the row, the kit was amazing.  The owner hand cut sooo many pieces and put them in individual bags matching the section they belonged in.  They were already fused and ready to go.  There were only a few pieces to trim and you were ready to sew.  She had 2 kit options and I chose kit #2.  And when I mean the kit was ready, it was and went together sooooo quickly.  It was really worth the money.  The only thing I did not like was thier was no true pattern in the kit if you wanted to make another.  I questioned the high price, but it was worth the work.   

     Here is her plate,  Not sure of the meaning, but maybe one of you can tell me!

Row by Row 2016 Day 4, Row 4

     I am caught back up to doing my rows in order.  It just took me longer to do People Places and Quilts row then it did the rest.  Had to trace and cut lots of pieces.

     If you have never been to visit People Places and Quilts,  it's worth the trip.  And I am not just saying this because it's the closest store to my house.  Diane and her daughter pour their soul into the place.  There is sooo much knowledge ther.  If one of the employees doesn't know the answer, another does.  Honestly,  the have the best employees, especially Sue!!  She is so knowledgeable about the Janome sewing machines!  The fabric selection is the best.  If you don't see what you want,  just ask, they will order it!  When you can't decide what matches,  the ladies there have the best eye and there are always a group of customers there to give their opinion!!  

     On to their row, well there is a lot of Appliqué,  did I say it's not always my favorite...   I really do the most appliqué in a year during Row by Row.  I am not too good with all the little pieces.  I did go the hard way with the background and did the extra piecing recomendation!  I do love to piece!!!!    

     The row is cute!! Love all the different patterned fabric.  This gets me out of being too matchy.  This kit as a whole is just awesome.  The fabric provided is more then you will need.  She gives you bonus accessories to decorate your row with.   Even the kit was awesome to look at.  They did well again this year with a full size full length printed pattern that was easy to read.   Honestly, there is nothing better they could have done with the pattern.

     Here is their license plate.  So fitting of them!!  If you have a chance and your in the summerville area, go hang out in the shop,  I promise you will leave with a smile


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Row by Row 2016 Day 3, Row 3

     Today I had to change it up, I knew I would not have time to finish my third store and work a long shift,  so I pulled out an easy row to work on with the People Places and Quilts row.  I ended up doing a row from Pieces and Patches in Lexington, SC. 

     I almost did not find this store.  It is actually kind of hidden behind and below the strip mall that it is in.  The store front is very hidden and no signage is there to lead you.  The store must do well from loyal customers and word of mouth since it does not have street view or signage.  The store inside is well stocked with lots of fabric.  They had a very nice selection of backing fabric and batiks.  I bought a piece of fabric from the clearance section.  She actually had a nice selection for a clearance section!  They had a very large sewing machine room with a longarm running.  The staff was also very helpful and friendly.   I think I found my applique stitch for this quilt! 

     Their row was very simply perfect.  Wonderful pricing for the kit.  It was patriotic themed with a little bit of piecing and just a little applique.  The fabric in the kit contained a little bit extra just in case there was a mistake in cutting.  My only suggestion is for them to have reversed the state and letter "S" on the pattern so it would make it easier to trace correctly.   There is no reminder to do so in the patter either.  The row went together fast and applique did not take that long.

     Here is their license plate!  Now if I can try to get most of 2 rows done tomorrow before my night shift!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Row by Row Day 2, Row 2.

    Today we are doing the row from Five Eighths Seams in West Ashley.   I found this store soon after they opened by a suggestion from another store that they might have what I was looking for.  Five years later and it's amazing to see their growth!   I don't go there very often because of the distance, but love stopping in when I am over their direction.   The ladies who run this shop are amazing and I have enjoyed the fabric sisters there! 

     This year they are in a new bigger store.  The classroom is amazing!! When I walked in they had a summer camp going on one side and a small group in the fabric room.  Made me excited to see all the people excited about sewing.  Definitely a place anyone should visit if they are in the  Charleston area!

     Now to their row...   I was actually questionable and honestly did not understand this row.  Then I realized the darker colors on the palm tree represented church steeples! Amazing idea, the beach, our state symbol and churches all in one!! Love it. 

     The directions were good. The background went together quickly.  The appliqué pieced together well.  The only thing I did not like was the fact that the words "Holy City" we're not reversed on the pattern.  This would make it a lot easier.  Yes,  the simple things bother me.  I don't have a light box because I don't appliqué much,  but it would have come in handy just for those word. 

     I have not done appliqué in about a year, so this got me back in the groove, sort of... Really need more practice!  I guess I will have lots the next few days!   I don't think it's too bad after working an 11 hour shift today!!  

     Here's their license plate!  I actually love it too!! Also I think they only had me stop at their store the other day to unlock the bathroom!!  Lol


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Row by Row 2016 Day 1, Row 1

  After getting home from my adventure this evening, my goal was to finish 1 row. I decide to tackle the rows in the order of the  shops I went to. So here goes Row 1... Oh, and I also decide to tell you a little about each store I visited every day. 

    I was officially the first Rower of 2016 at Stitch N' Sew in Mt Pleasant, SC. The store owner was just inside at opening time and greeted me with a smile.  The store is tucked under some trees and you would almost miss it if it wasn't for its bright color and sign.  

     The store has a nice selection of kits, accessories and fabric.  There is something tucked in every corner.  Definitely a place you can find a project at. 

     As for the row, I thought it was probably the simplest of them all. It is just basic rectangles sewn into blocks.  I actually kind of thought it was simple until as I checked out I was told one of the ladies from the store did the artwork.  Yes, drew it themselves.  At that moment, I put a little more thought into the row and fell in love!  I was honestly wanting someone to do the rainbow row house when I thought of the theme, but these weren't colored.  Then I thought, the colors of the fabric were!!   The row then came together for me and I appreciated it more.  

     The only thing I did not like about this row kit was the printed fabric.  It was printed on a Dritz printable muslin.  The artwork was awesome.  Getting the backing off was not easy.  The instructions said if it was difficult to soak it.  But then I couldn't finish my block tonight. I ended up getting a little hole going and used a butter knife to slowly get under it to peel its.   This took forever to get it all the backing off.  

     Once the back was off it only took a few minutes to finish the block.  I love how it turned out!!

And here is the license plate.  

Row by Row 2016 Day 1

     I have been in a quilting slump for a while.  Haven't been able to get out.  Think it's mostly due to this building, moving, unpacking and house decorating adventure I have been on for too long!  But here it is row by row time and I am always excited to travel and visit the shops!! I am determined to finish in less then a week, maybe get out of this slump. 

     For day one I decided to visit as many stores  as possible in 1 trip. Yep, 9-10 stores in 1 day was my plan.  My other decision for this years quilt is for half of my rows to be from different stores then last year.  Staying local by keeping my favorite local stores in my quilt.  

     1000 AM and was the first quilter at Stitch N' Sew in Mt Pleasant, Sc.  A cute little shop hidden in the trees!  She told me I was this years first Rower!!  

     1040 and made it to one of my favorite places with the best fabric sisters!! Five Eighths Seams has a new store with lots of room this year!  Got a little behind here.  They were a little busy, then after I left I realized my row wasn't in my bag.  Back to the shop and on the road again!!

     1140, managed a brunch drive thru stop at one of my favorite places!!  Love the cow!!

     1145 down the road I walked into my true local quilt shop, People Places and Quilts!   The owner Diane met me at the door.  She told me that she was wondering were I was at!! Made my day.  She quickly explained her kits and got me on the road in a hurry!!  Just in time to sit in traffic on the interstate..... And ignore the bad photo. 

     105 PM after being stuck in interstate traffic forever and a detour,  I made it to Orangeburg.  My first ever visit to A Stitch  In Time, Again.  The store was truly full of fabric,  and shockingly it had some of my favorite old Jason Yenter! 

     220 Finally made it to Lexington!!  My first stop at Sew Suite Studio.  The smallest of the shops I visited, but full of up to date fabric and lots of machines. 

     255-  Across Lexington, or just down the road was the hardest store to find.  The store is tucked away, behind and below the strip mall.  No sign to be had to find it.   Pieces and patches,  full of awesome fabric, a neat clearance section and lots of machines. 

     330-  On to West Columbia,  watch out the GPS might take you out of your way and down the block to the "hood", but with some research I found Creative Sewing Machine Center.  Clearly the largest private sewing store in SC!! Awesome place to visit and would love to find time to go back!! 

     445- Since I was passing by I decided to stop!! I use to eat lunch here some while in Nursing school.  Sure miss the Oreo bars!! The place has grown.  Need to remember to go by again sometime soon!! 

     455- Made it to Sumter and another new Store,  Heirloom Child.  Another small store with lots of batiks!  I have probably passed this store several times in the past and never knew it was there, but new signage leads you right in! 

     515- My last stop and a place I actually felt comfortable to breath for a few minutes, Treadle Pushers.  Not sure, but I felt right at home there.   I love the owner and her "Quilt Bar" philosophy!!  I think this is truly a community shop! 

     645- I made it home with just enough time to start a row!! 

Thanks for following me today!   Stay tuned tomorrow for my finished rows!