Sunday, August 31, 2014

Camo Chevron Mini Quilt

     This month the Project Quilt Challenge is "Mini Quilts".  A mini quilt being defined as a quilt 24x24 inches or under.  I kind of got excited because I knew I had a lot of scraps in bags that would make perfect small quilts!!! 

     I know a lot of people will get really intracit with their mini quilts, but I knew I would not.   I decided last month that I would finish one unfinished project before starting a new.  I also decided I was going too try and use as much of my fabric stash as I could without buying more.  My stash has really grown,  I guess as many quilters have.   So I knew with this challenge I could make a few quilted table toppers and get them out of my projects to be done basket!!

     I also challenged myself too finish 4 this month!!  One for each week.   I am excited to use these also as FMQ practice pieces!!

     The first one is made out of the leftover triangles from a large strip quilt I made a while back.  I matched each camo triangle up with a colored triangle.  I then used the easy angle ruler to square them up into 3 inch squares.  I then laid the pieces out until I found a pattern to sew together.

     I decided on a chevron or zigzag pattern.  Each zigzag is a different color. With 4 short rows.  I then added a 2 inch camo boarder and binded it with black material.  I quilted it doing a continuous swirl pattern.  Finished it is 13x23.  It is made completely out of scraps even the backing which I used the leftover squares  to make a strip down the center of the quilt.  

     I am redoing my sons room and plan to use this as a runner for his dresser!!

Yenter Big Star

     Jason Yenter is my Favorite fabric Designer.  If you only knew the love I have for his fabric!!!  His fabric brings me joy just to work with.  All of the colors are soooo vibrant and the designs give you inspiration!  I have only paper pieced with his fabric so far and was so reluctant to cut into his fabric for a machine pieced quilt.  His fabric is perfect for paper piecing.  

     After my last big star quilt, I am on the big star band Wagon.  I had this intuition that was guiding me to use my new Shangri La fabric by Jason Yenter to make this big star quilt.  I found the tutorial here:

     The blocks are 18 inches. I bought a lot of Yenter's Shangri La a while back from Ozark Fabric.  I was shocked when I cut the blocks to make this quilt that I was able too cut all of the pieces out of 1/2 yard pieces.  When you buy fabric from most places they short you.  I actually had enough extra to trim off each piece!  

     I had to make this quilt with the corner squares a different color as I did not have enough of the lighter floral to do all of the corners.  So I decided this this quilt was way out of the spectrum of my traditional quilts that I would just make the look a little more untraditional. The star pattern is a basic old fashion star blown up and with this fabric it adds a big modern twist!!

     The quilt pattern was easy to follow and went together quickly.  I sewed it together and sandwiched it using the sew 10 minutes a day principal during a very busy work week. 

     The backing that I picked and measured to need only 2 fabrics.  But of course I measured wrong and had to add a corner of a third.  I am still working on my principle of sew with what you have and not buy more.  It's not completely the back I wanted, but I have to say it worked out fine and matches the colors on the front. 

     Too quilt it I am doing the same design a the last big star quilt.   A bunch of curves straight across.  I am trying to quilt this way this time with the Supreme Slider mat. I am trying to see if it is any easier to use the Supreme Slider Mat or not.  I read about the mat on Leah Days web site.  

     The mat goes across the bed of your machine.  The only hole is where you needle goes into your bobbin case.  The mat is made of a silicone type material.  It is made for you to assist the quilt to glide over the machine easier.  That it does!  This quilt is larger then the last and more cumbersome to bring threw the machine.    The mat assists it in gliding threw.  I did 1/2 of the quilt with the mat and 1/2 off.  My recommendation is that you practice a lot with the mat.  I actually liked it without the mat better.  But I know that it is only because I am not use to the ease of moving the quilt.  My shoulders actually felt better when I used the mat and did not appear to tire as easily.  I think the mat with practice will help my posture and will in the long run help me make more precise quilts!

     I finished the quilt out with a brown Yenter that was part of the Legendary Basics collection.  I did a basic line stitch on the quilt binding to finish. 

     This quilt is out of the normal for me but I love how it turned out!!  It's going to be a wedding present next month, I am excited to share it!!!



Monday, August 25, 2014

Red and White Quilts "aka stain catcher"

    I never finish my Project Quilt challenges early.  I am always one who does well with the time constraint.  Most people who know me, know I work lots of long hours.  Lately I wish I did not, but it's worked out for my family.  So,  the August challenge of a red and white quilt is done and now ready for the September Challenge while I work a week of 5, 12 hour shifts. 

     I actually had time this week to read up on Red and White Quilts and where the popularity came from.  They actually have been in style since the 1800's.   They came about from the Turkish Red fabric made only in Turkey.  The same red they used for their majestic Rugs.   At first the quilts were made green and red, but the red held it's brilliance while the the green faded.  The fad of red and white then began!  Over time,  red was made in America,  but it was not as bright as the Turkish and still faded.  The fad of the bright red and bleach muslin continued till the 1920s.  In the last 20 years the red and white quilt concept returned again with the help of some red and white quilt shows. 

     In the begining of this month, I saw a blog post from Moda.  It was on a tutorial for the "Boho Patchwork Vintage Star Quilt".   I thought it would be just perfect for this challenge!!!  I am challenging myself not to buy fabric and use what I have.  So all of the fabric in this quilt is stash, except the white.   I did not have 3 yards of the same white to use.   I cut 5 inch squares of 9 different red and white fabrics.  I picked out a paisley white on white pattern fabric.  I had a piece of fabric I bought from another quilter just big enough for the back. 

     This quilt made of 14 inch squares was pretty easy to put together.  I have never made a big star quilt, but feel I found a new addiction!!  I cut fabric one day.  A few days later,  I pieced, sewed together,  quilted and bound it all in one day (a cure for a quilters depression!).  I think this may be given as a wedding present next month!!  

     I did a just basic curve design for my FMQ all the way across the quilt.  I staggered the width of the quilting.  Nothing set at a certain spacing.   It's not perfect but I learned some hand speed control with this and plan on doing the same with my next quilt in an attempt to master it.  I think quilting in the large is a little more difficult then quying in the small.  Oh, and I used white thread on the top and red on the back to allow the quilting to stand out more. 

     I love how this turned out!!!   I actually may end up doing a rainbow one like this soon!!    And this one is called a stain catcher by my son.  The first thing he said about it!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Aunt Edna's Quilt

     My husband and I had our first son young.  I did not work a lot of hours, but when I worked,  my husbands Great Aunt Edna  and Virginia kept Wade with his Great Great Grandma Humbert.   Still to this day Wade likes to ride out to Aunt Edna's house just to eat.   I can never thank her enough for what she did for me.  I really could go on with this but of course this is a craft blog!!!  I was soooo excited to make a quilt for her. 

     The quilt top is made entirely of Aunt Edna's son Herbie's cloths.  He passed away suddenly a few years ago.  I already made 3 quilts out of his cloths for his kids.   This quilt had every thing from seersucker type material too flannel too corduroy. 

     I used the big section of the backs and sleeves of the button down shirts too make 12 1/2 inch squares.  I then tried to match light and dark fabrics together.  I put a line down the center and sewed a quarter inch line on each side and cut the squares in half.  I then laid them out to be a big pinwheel.  Each pinwheel was about 24 inches square. 

     I cut a pair of linen pants up and used it to make a boarder.  I cut the pants into 3 inch wide strips.  I knew I did not have enough to completely box the quilt in, but thought that the quilt looked better with a strip down the center.  So I framed the outside and added kahki corner stones leftover  from one of the other quilts.  I then added corner stones to the outside middle.  I placed a plain strip down the center only one direction. 

     I did a lot of quilting on this quilt.  The first part I did I really did not like.  I tried to free motion a curve on the inner side of each triangle.  It was not the best work of mine,  but I did not want to have to pick out the stitches and mess up the quilt. 

     On one pinwheel I outlined the inner triangle and did a continuos triangle all the way in like a maze.  I loved this effect.  Each pin wheel has a different quilting design as you will see below. 

     On the next one I did a straight line starting on the big side and went all the way to  small side about every 3/4 on an in with a new line. 

     The next pinwheel I did a "V" in the triangle and did the same reduction of the line about every 3/4 of an inch.   

     The last one I did what I would maybe call a shower.  I started at the center point ant the lines went to the bottom spreading out.  

     I really like how this quilt came out.  As I was making it I knew it was the perfect quilt for Aunt Edna with the old fashion design!  I was really excited that her daughter in law Karen gave it too her for her birthday.  And even more excited that I was able to make it!!  I photographed this at the Bonneau ball field.  A place Herbie loved and spent so much time at.