Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cherished Memories Carry On After Death

     A seven years ago my husbands cousin died.   He has a very close family and my kids actually called him their uncle.  His mother kept my boys when they were babies.  My sons still stop by just to eat with her.  Herbie, was the towns dentist and my dentist even before marriage.  He was also the same age as my mother in law and they grew up like best friends. And Karen his wife taught both of my boys in 1st grade.  He loved High school sports and that's the memory that I think thousands have of him.  He use to sit on the edge of the stage in the gym at Macedonia High School and cheer the foxes on.  His love was for all sports.  He could be seen cheering the Volleyball, Softball, basketball, baseball and football team on.  He had 3 kids who were all bright and well rounded  in sports.   I worked at the High School for a period and Katie (his daughter) was one of the students there. Katie had her daddy so involved in school projects at times that I don't think he had time for himself. And during ball season he was the dad who was always there.  His family was his life.  He was the kind of man that I believe any woman would love to marry.  He loved Karen in an amazing way.  He ate lunch each weekday with his mother and family.   Our community and family lost a great man when he passed.  

   Last year, Karen asked me to make quilts for her kids.  At that time I did not feel comfortable enough to do this.  Earlier this year, she asked again.  I knew that I needed to do this for her.   Her family has done so much for mine that I needed to give back.  I spent hours and days cutting apart his cloths.  Then planning and cutting.  I learned that T-shirts were not the best material for quilts, but I could make them work, holes and all!!!   The shirts were anywhere from his high school jerseys to some from when I was in high school to those of his kids high school years.  Shirts that spanned at least 30 years.  I seperated them by sports and then size.  I then placed iron on stabilizer on each.  One of my favorites is his coaching jersey that I sewed shut and left the buttons on.  I used his jeans and khaki's to make the boarders and some collared shirts as the corner squares. Every part of the top was out of his clothes.  I backed it with University of South Carolina fabric and binded it with the same.  I quilted it with a thread that went from red to burgundy.  The colors of his high school and college teams.  Katie's was quilted with a swirl and the boys with curves. On the back,  I placed a pocket with a saying from Karen on it.  The pocket was actually a part of his khaki pants and can be buttoned,  I left the pocket open where you can put your hand inside of it. This was my favorite part.  They are not perfect but I tried my best. 

     I enjoyed every moment of making these.  I loved to quilt and most of all, love the comfort that each quilt gives a person.  I am excited to know that these quilts will bring Happiness to Tyler, Katie and Jared for years.  

     I took these photos in the area that Herbie parked at his dentist office.  I don't know why I chose there, but I know he has seen them and his spirit is in them. 


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  1. What a labor of love! God bless you and your sewing talents! I can only imagine the joy and comfort these quilts will bring to the family.