Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Friendship Star...

     Will post tomorrow about it when I can take some outdoor photos!

Row by Row SC Day 8

     I sadly have nothing to report.  With a family hospital stay and work I had no time to sew.   But I gave myself 10 minutes before I left for work to iron and cut strips.  Praying for a finish tomorrow. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Row by Row SC Day 7

     I was hoping to be almost done with my quilt by today.  But my husband wanted differently and one of today's rows did too!!  I can say though that I have all 8 rows done!

     Today I finished the row for Five Eighths Seams in West Ashley, SC.  To be honest I think this is a neat little row.  It made me try a curved seam.  Something I don't think I have ever done before and after 36 squares, I think I may have it down.  There were 72 pieces in this row; a row that only daring or desperate people would do in a hurry.  I guess I was both.  I do like how it turned out, hoooouuuurs later. 

     The other row I finished today was from Stitch n' Sew in Mt Pleasant.  In thier kit they had all the squares precut to where you just had to cut them into triangles.  It made it soooo easy.  I also liked how the row was a mix of traditional and Appliqué.  I turned the lighthouse a different direction then the layout so that the row can be turned sideways.  This row is another accurate depiction of the Charleston area with both the lighthouse and sea turtle as important local water fixtures. 

     I am working tomorrow and have to take a trip to another hospital.  Hopefully I can find time to just get the top together and then finish it Tuesday.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Row by Row SC Day 6

     Today was not a quilt store day.  It is only a sewing day.   I am starting to feel a little discouraged.  I am seeing all these finished quilts posted and I have yet to get mine together.  With work, family illnesses and moving I just haven't had time.  But my goal was to have it done by Monday, so I still can have time. 

     I was one day behind in sewing my rows, but I have caught up!! I have officially finished 6 rows.  I am hoping to finish 2 more tomorrow! 

     Today I finished stitching down the Appliqué for Treadle Pushers in Sumter, SC.     Their ocean scene was a batik and I love batiks.  It had 27 pieces to it and was easy to complete.  They were very generous with the fabric pack and had wonderful directions.  And to make it better she was trying to precut pieces for customers.  To bad I wasn't one of those lucky souls or I would have already finished.  I loved this store and will definitely return to just sit and sew soon!

     Then on to People, Places and Quilts row.  Now this was the best pattern.   It was made to be taped together and traced and then laid out so you could just follow along.  Printed on extra long paper.   I loved it!  I think I loved the fact that it reflected my area more.  It was in a swampy lake setting, just like the area close to the quilt store!  The owner of the store likes turtles and of course it contained one!  This row contained 24 pieces and a majority were big. The fabric kit was right on with the pieces and everything was there.  I am hoping to be able to bring a finished quilt there Monday!! Hoping to win their fat quarters!! Simple because I love thier store!!

    Praying for more sewing time tomorrow!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Row By Row SC day 5

     Today I was able to stop on the way home at Stitch n' Sew fabrics in Mt Pleasant, SC.  My final stop in my first 8 rows.  

     The store was set just off 526 bypass and is a bright colored building you can't miss(forgot a photo).  It was actually busy for an early morning.  There were 2 other sets of Row by Rowers in the store.   The store contained 3 small rooms of fabric with a decent selection.  The lady who cut my fabric was pretty friendly.  Not sure though if I will go out of my way though to Mt Pleasant just to shop here. 

     I finished 2 rows tonight.  The Row from Accent Sewing in Murrells Inlet is missing one side of the border.   There was not enough in the kit. I will figure something out for it later. 

    The row from Emmie's in Camden is also done.   They were not very generous with fabric in this kit.  Pieces were barely cut big enough to make the sails and the yellow for the birds beak and legs was missing.  Otherwise I thought it was a unique row.  You used a piece of material with a fish design on it to appliqué. This saves you from cutting lots of small pieces. 

     I am one row behind my daily goal, but I am sure I will catch up tomorrow!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Row by Row South Carolina Day 4

     Today I had no sewing time,  so I am still behind.  I hope to catch up this weekend!! 

     I did find time to stop by my second closest and almost favorite shop!  Five Eighths Seams in West Ashley. Just over the bridge from Charleston is this cute little shop that is busting at its seams.  It is sandwiched between a bridal store and a seafood restaurant.  If you weren't looking for it you might miss it.  

     This is the second store I sent info to to encourage them to participate in Row by Row.  Before this year we had none in the Charleston Area.  Now we have 3!!

     The owner even let me in the door after closing to pick up my row and kit!! Long story but I prearranged it.  She told me that they cut 50 pack and have already ran out!   So excited that the rows have made them that busy!

     I haven't sewed any type of circles in a while. The row for five eighths seams has lots of curves.  So I will get back to you in a few days with the results! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Row By Row South Carolina Day 3

     Today begins day three and a day I have to work a 12 hour shift amongst other things.  But I am out for a good start, I have 2 rows sewn, 1 row with just a border to finish, 1 row with adhesive ironed on and ready to cut and one row drawn on adhesive ready to iron.  

     First Quilt shop today is People, Places and Quilts in Summerville, SC.  This is the private fabric store closest to my house.  Honestly,  it is one of the best!  I bought my machine there.  Have taken classes there and the ladies there are so knowledgeable and excited about sewing.  The store has been open for 26 years and a mother daughter team run it.  They always have a wonderful variety of fabric and are willing to buy what the customers like.   My favorite person there is Sue the sewing machine lady!  

     I of course loved the pattern.  I love the batik fabric but most of all love the way it pertains to our local water enviornment!! Part of the reason I like PPQ is all of their little touches!  Even the pattern is beyond wonderful, it's a full size layout of the row.  

     Had to work 12 hours tonight. I did not finish a row, but was able to get some cutting done. Watch out for what I finish tomorrow!  So excited! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Row by Row SC Day 2

     Today is my second day driving in SC to quilt stores.  The day started with a trip to get my dad, because he was joining in.  But not all the way!! He was going to sit with a cousin while I went shopping!!

     First stop was to bring him to see his cousin Russell Wallace who he had not seen in forever!

     Then on to Sumter.  I stopped at Treadle Pushers Pushing.  Oh I love this shop and want to just go sit and sew one day!  The shop did not have much fabric, but it had lots of notions.  She even had a few batiks and of course I added a few to my collection!!  She called the places a ladies quilt Bar!! Yes a bar with no alcohol orstools(none that I saw).  And I guess that Sharon the owner was the nonalcoholic bartender, aka fabric cutter! 
I think I want to come back here for a visit soon!!

     She was trying to go above and beyond with her pattern.  She was trying to cut it out with adhesive on the back, but was realizing that she couldn't keep up. Her pattern is a batik ocean scene.  Right up my alley except for all the little pieces. 

     Then on to Camden to a little store called Emmie's.  At first I thought I was in the wrong place until I saw the sale fabric Outside.   Emmie's is not just a fabric store.  It has clothes and novelty items.  The owner Deborah told me that she knew a year and a half ago when she opened that she would need to sell something else to start to stay open til she built the stores clients up!  Smart woman! 

     The entire back of the store is crammed with fabric.  Floor to ceiling. Plus a sewing and cutting area.  Today the store was also crammed with kids.  She is hosting a sewing Camp.  I was sooo excited to see the group of girls.  The next young sewing generation!  And of course I love the batiks!!  She had an entire rack of them.  

     The pattern for Emmie's is a little different then the rest. If you did not buy the pack you are missing the fish fabric needed to make the quilt.  So if you don't having fish fabric at home you are out of luck. 

     Last stop was Shoney's in Manning, Sc!! 

     So that is 5 out of the 8 rows needed to finish the quilt.  I was saving the 3 most local stores for tomorrow.  In the meantime I will sew another row together!!  

     Tonight I finished my second row,  from Sew Many Common Threads in Conway, SC.   This row is very cute and easy.  The fabric pack was very generous with fabric and had a pattern that was simple to follow. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Row by Row 2015, Day One

     Row by Row 2015, Day One!  Today I started out later then I had planned.  But,  I succeeded with my first day traveling South Carolina. 

     My first stop today was about an hour and 45 minute ride.  I decided to take the back roads and go to the furthest shop first.  I went to Conway, SC to a little quilt shop called Sew Many Common Threads.   It was a pretty small shop with a cute collection of fabric.  The owner told me she was just starting her batik collection.  So I didn't have much to choose from, but she did have a cute row.   Her row was of Whales.  Each a different color to match the nautical flags.  Neat idea I thought!!  Out of today's stops,  this row will be the easiest.   I have already cut out all the whales.  Only bad thing was when I got home I realized she didn't put the batik fabric I bought in the bag.

     Next stop was about 15 minutes up the road.  A pretty good sized store called Quilting at The Beach.  Very friendly ladies!!  I enjoyed laughing at the sewing group in the back.  A Longarmer was working on a cute runner back there also.  Wonderful fabric selection,  even found a piece of Jason Yenter Deco in the clearance pile.  And a bit more!   The row for this shop is appliqué hell (Not my cup of tea).  Lots and lots of little piece, 45 to be exact.  I did not like my appliqué stitching but it's a learning curve.  It's successfully done and on to the next row!

     Last stop today was another 20 minutes down the road in Murrells Inlet.  A hidden store called Accent Sewing.  This store had lots of notions, another long arm and a little fabric.   I found a few batiks in the clearance pile!! They had another appliqué row.  I was able to trace the pieces out.  More on the row tomorrow.  

   Then homeward I was to start sewing!  Will tell you about day two later!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

4th Annual Tara Hall Paddlefest

     Last year I went out to the 3rd Annual Tara Hall Paddlefest.  Waylon and I really enjoyed it!! So of course I was going to go again this year!  

     This year we rolled up to registration to find it in a new location.  At the intersection of a road.  After registering we were sent to a launch site a few miles up the highway. The lauch site was in a families yard.  I believe "The Johnson's",  I am very thankful for them hosting us!   The site was very adequate to launch and park.  

    In the river we went!!! About a 1/2 mile up the river we met another Johnson family who was giving out water and watermelon slices.  They were the sweetest people!!  And I sure did enjoy the Watermelon along with my other kayak mates!!

     I forgot to tell you I went with my friend Teri, her daughter McKenzie and her sister in law Bitzie. Some of my favorite people from Kingstree, SC!

     We paddled on down Mingo Creek,  in the Andrews, SC area.

     I love how this area of river is so Private like and just seems to look untouched.  I love how it seams to always be about litter free!

     I love the marvelous trees and the peace of nature along the way. 

     We paddled past these 2 houses that were in a ninety degree curve in the creek.  They looked to be the almost perfect place to live!

     We continued on down the creek for a total of 5 miles.  You know your almost there once you hear the wonderful Bluegrass playing!  The trip this year was self guided and at your own pace.  

     Last year the trip was as a group and in a busier area of the river.  Boats sped by you and you had to be more conscious of the nearby civilization and not enjoy nature as much.   I really did enjoy doing another section of the creek as we have been traveling all the sections of the black river.

     When you arrive at Tara Hall,  you are helped out of your kayak.  The group of men carried my kayak up the the trailer that then carried the kayak back to the vehicle pick up site.  Sooo much better then last year!

     Then you were provided a home cooked meal!  And it was sooooo good!  After a few minutes in the shade it was off to see Teri win a cordless drill from Home Depot. 

     We ended our day watching the kids. 8-12 compete in the barrel racing contest.  They were too cute!! And I love the little boats and all their themes! 

     I loved this event sooo much more then last year.  I wish My boys could have been there, maybe next year!   If your reading this debating on going next year. The $30 to support the boys home is well worth it! 

Sorry for some of the hazy photos,  but the waterproof case doesn't always take the best photos. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Next Generation of Wade Quilt!!

     I was very excited to find out that 2 special people in my life were naming their sons Wade.  Of course if you know me, my oldest sons name is Wade.  Around here that's a unique name!  He has only met one other boy with his name.  Going threw school he was the only one in every school till his senior year!  

     The Wade that this quilt is going to's parents have passed in and out of my life since Middle School.  Cliff, the dad,  lived on my small rural dirt road.  Him and his cousins took the hour bus ride home with me.  There were only boys on the road, so they were the ones I hung out with.  His family has been a fixture in my life since then!  He now is a member of the same hunting club as my family.  His wife Debra went to school with me.  I later worked for her mom and then she babysat my son Wade for me!  One of those you live in the country and have a connection stories!  

     Well their son Wade was born 7 weeks early at my favorite hospital,  St Francis!  While I was working.  So much excitement to know he was doing well.  

     I was already planning a quilt and had fabric picked out.  So I came home from work and got started.  I decide to do a basic sew as you go strip quilt. I cut strips of random widths from 3 inches to 6 inches.  

    I used flannel as the backing and fleece as the batting.  I like to make these baby quilts to be used for floor time.  I think this is enough padding for that and for a toddler to be wrapped in on a cold winter night. 

     I am hoping to make a step by step tutorial on this when I do one of my next strip quilts.  The process goes very quickly once you get it cut. 

     This is the first time I used the appliqué foot on this Janome machine.  I used it without the extra gripper.  I think the next time I will try it with that.  The fabric did not slide threw the machine as easily as I had hoped. We will see if the gripper makes the difference with the layers of fabric. 

     I also used a new stitch on the binding.  I really like how this stitch showed up.  Especially since I did it in a darker color that showed up. 

     I really hope that Wade enjoys this!  And hope my Wade meets him soon!!



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wade's Graduation


    I don't post too many person things on this page,  but I think that this is worth me posting.  My oldest son Wade graduated from Berkeley High School June 5th.  He has made us very proud!!  

     He tried to graduate at year early, but we wouldn't let him Graduate at 16.  He spent mist of his class time during his senior year at Trident Technical College taking college classes, all while working 2 jobs.  Wade has a good work ethic and I am excited to see him take his next step!!