Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week one of Chickens!


   I bought 5 chickens last Thursday, March 2nd.  The weather for the last week has been warm during the day and cold at night, in the 30's and 40's.

     For the last week, we have kept them in Camden's Kennel on the back porch at the French doors with a heating lamp.  We covered the kennel with a towel each night to help them stay warm.  Every night, we changed the chux in the bottom and gave them new food and water.

     The guy at Rusty's feed said to try and feed them nothing but the chicken feed till they are about 6 months old and start laying.  They seem to be eating it well! In just a few days, I think they have doubled in size.

     I think Camden is playing mother hen with them.  She usually sleeps with us,  but instead she has been staying at the window by the chickens.  We even moved her pillow there.  During the day,  instead of going to the neighbors like usual,  she has been staying on the porch by the chicks.

     We have let a chick out to see what she will do.  She actually licks them and uses her nose to push them where she wants them to go.  It's kinda cute and I hope she stays that way.

     They are getting big so fast that Frankie pulled out an old raccoon cage for a safe new home.  Wade helped us put a light in it to make sure they stayed warm.  We added extra siding to box in the back and floor to help with warmth.  I then found a broken fishing pole and put it in there for them to use as a perch.

     They have been there a few days.  They are growing and look happy!  Will keep you updated on the adventure soon!

Quiltcon 2017 Day 2

 On Day 2 of Quiltcon, instead of my sister finding a spot to knit, She enjoyed the Quiltcon with me! We started on the opposite side of the building then I did on day one.  We looked at some awesome quilts and entered a raffle.

     We then saw the activities at the Cotton and Steel booth.  I made a quick lanyard and she made a headband.  Some of my favorite parts of Quiltcon are the activities!!   And I got a few pieces of  selvedge!! I love how thick the Cotton and Steel fabric was.  I am not sure if I own any of their fabric right now, but they definitely have a new customer!!  The machines they had at the booth were Berninas. I don't think I have ever sewed on one, but was instantly comfortable sewing (I don't want to fall in love with anymore machines)!

     While there I fell in love with the Oliso Pro Iron.  One of the ladies helping at the Cotton and Steel booth took me down to Augusta Sewing Center booth where they were being sold.  Since one of my 2 buying goals was a new iron, I marked one off!

 I also bought some Cotton and Steel fat quarters while I was there.

     Caught back up with Amanda, we then visited the ink and arrow booth where we got a cute free bag and a pattern. I fell in love with a purse they had there and knew I would hunt it down before I left.

     We then made our way into the booths, where I stopped at Villa Rosa designs and got some more fabric from her $1 every 6 inches bin.  This a photo of what I picked up there in two days of bin shopping. This is really an awesome selection of quality quilt store scraps.  I fell in love with the owner Jessica.  She is actually from the same area that my family is from in California!

After walking past several times and watching two demos on this ruler, I decided to buy the quick curve ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful.

We did a lot of T-shirt shopping.  The first day I saw so many I liked and sent this text to Frankie.  I think Amanda and I will both get a bunch of smiles from our quilt sayings!

Amanda and I found this cool purse pattern by Aunties Two.  The guy at the booth had a quick demo.  We both loved it and I knew I could make one.  Never made a purse before, but there is always time for a first!  And maybe two!!!

Amanda looked at the bits of yarn they had and this awesome yarn bowl and then left and went for her peaceful Savannah time!

After watching another demo, on this awesome table runner, I had to buy the creative grids, easy curve ruler!

After buying the big ruler the day before I recieved the free little ruler as a gift.  And they included a guide of all the rulers that Creative Grids carry.

I fell in love on day one with these kits at the Craft South booth.  The kit includes a skirt pattern, elastic, ruler and enough fabric to make one.  I bought 2.  One for me and another for a friend who teaches at my Alma mater whose theme is the foxes!

I then sat down and ate my apple with some of my friends I met up with.  Across the table I saw my dear friend Nancy sitting with Alex from Aurafil threads.  I knew she didn't know who he was, so I interrupted his lunch and made Nancy take a photo!  She knows him now!

Here is the pattern for the purse that I fell in love with earlier.  I bought 2 extra of the kit layout.  Who knows,  Maybe I will make 3!  And the hunt for fabrics to use has begun!

I love this awesome bag I got from the Riley Blake booth! It represents the bright colors I like of their fabric collections!

I then found this awesome Kaffe Fassett fat quarter bundle!  I think I will make Amanda's purse from it!

And then I saw this Aurifil Thread that I loved that matches Victoria Findle Wolfe collection and I got that too.  It kinda matches the fat quarters I bought!!

I found this fabric set from Pineapple fabric that I think I may make my purse out of!  It has these little hidden deer in it!  Just a country girl thing.  Also 2 extra pieces of fabric at an awesome price.  I need to remember them.  All of their painters solid are priced the best I have ever seen.  The shelves full I saw yesterday are gone.

At the end of the day, I decided on this quilt pattern for the baby quilt that I bought fabric for!  I think I am just going to do the doe and buck.  Its all foundation paper pieced, so please pray for me!

     Just before leaving,  I stopped at the Quiltcon booth.  They were sold out of shirts my size, so of course I bought other stuff.  Including a Koozie for Frankie!

Sorry for these posts being so late, but having a photo loading issue.  One more Quiltcon post and I will be done!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Savannah Night 2, The Pirate House and Ghost Tour


     After Quiltcon I rode the ferry back across.  Right above the Ferry dock was the restaurant "The Pirate House".  My sister and I already mentioned trying the place, so it was perfect!  We walked in and because we were early, we were seated with no reservations!

     We were seated in a little room at the side of the building, the room only had 3 small tables and it felt intimate.   The walls and ceiling appeared to be part of the original building structure.  If you know me, I love old!  As I took a walk to the bathroom, I enjoyed looking at the rest of the building.  It appeared that most of the building was left in its original state with the buildings all being connected with doorways.  The nice bathroom was the most updated part.

     Our waiters name was Terry, I thought that was very interesting!  On his recommendation, I ordered the pecan crusted fried chicken with a baked potato and green beans.  I never ate the potato, because there was soooo much on my plate already.  The chicken was actually a half a chicken.  It might be the best fried chicken I have ever had in my life!!  The skinny green beans were amazing!

     Terry also brought us some corn bread and biscuits.  There was orange marmalade made by Dickinson's.  Yes, I had to ask, it was amazing!! And the biscuits were just as amazing!

     Amanda Ordered the Strawberry Spinach Pecan salad and Shrimp Hors d'oeurve.  The shrimp was enough to eat as a meal and Amanda said all of her food was amazing!

     We each ordered one of the specialty drinks on the menu.  Each came with a commemorative cup. Mine was a neat pirate mug!  I am going to put in my sewing room as a trip memory, you know another gadget holder.

     On the first night we learned that you can legally drink and walk the streets of Savannah.  So we took the rest of our drink to go!!  We then took a sort walk to our car to drop some stuff off.

This is the resident Pirate at the Pirate House restaurant who can give you a tour and education of Savannah.  Enjoyed my talk with him and found out that his wife was a quilter, who hand sewed his outfit!!

When we left we wandered to a store my sister visited earlier!! She remembered me mention my love for Cinnaman popcorn.  We say a store that made gourmet popcorn called Savannah Rae's!!  She already bought one bag.  When I entered, I was in hog heaven.  They gave free samples, and I tried and tried!  Then of course I bought.  The Thin mint and Samoa's girl scout cookies flavored popcorn were awesome!!

     My sister had arranged for another Ghost tour.  After a break in the park for a while we met the tour guide  for Ghost Talk Ghost Walk Tour in the square.  He looked very sketchy, but once he started talking,  We were along for the tour!

     We went for a short walk around the historic district.  We stopped at several buildings and homes where he told the history.  Not just of ghosts, but of the history of Savannah.

Behind this brick wall was where what is said to be the most haunted house in Savannah originally sat.  He told the story of the property, 

This is the house that is said to be the most haunted house in Savannah.  The owners were so tired of tour guides and local trolley companies stopping in front of their house that they had a law passed by the city counsel that tour groups can not pass on the street in front of their home, but forgot to include the alley in the back!

This house had its own crazy tail, but what stuck out the most is the old architecture mixed with an 80's brick wall bottom. The odd shaped windows told of the tales of trying to keep away ghosts while leaving you wondering what the house would look like if it was brought back to its original facade.

The old orphanage where 2 kids once died in a fire.  The people outside thought that a man they saw in the window was saving the kids.  But no man was ever seen leaving the house.

This is a local property that is rented.  It has its own ghost story and a light is at times seen passing thru.  It was left to a slave as part of a promise.

The neighboring house o the same property.  The tour guide told us about Haunt Blue and the belief of the slaves that it repelled spirits.  The slaves of Savannah practiced a religion called Hoodoo.  I of course had to look this up.  

For people like me, who had to take a break during the walk,  the guide gave you several places to sit and listen.  I of course loved the fountain and threw in some change while making a wish.

Yes, you will see a lot of photos about this house.  It was built by the man who owned the local steel factory.

The house except for the glass in the windows and wood doors is made of only brick and iron/steel.

 The Kehoe house was built after the Savannah fire of 1820.  At that time the fire engulfed most of the city and a lot of the homes and businesses in the historic district were lost.

In the years after the owners twins were playing in the chimneys of the home and died.  The owner then blocked up the chimneys and covered them with angels.

I loved the doors!  In its time it has been used as a mortuary, gentlemen's club and now a bed & breakfast.

 I of course used it as a place to take a break.  I honestly love metal and loved the iron steps and all of the the cast railing.  You will not see a house with this unique of trim, especially in this time made out of the metal like this.

The doors,  Loved the little glass windows in the outer doors.  I wonder if one day I could talk Frankie into staying here!!

The house across the square.  The original Savannah Historical Society Home.

The owner of this home hates tour guides walking by.  Because of the ghost story and murder in her home she is known to chase people away from the outside that stop. 

This is the well known Inn and Restaurant 1790.  There is a story of a girl named Anne who became pregnant and the sailor she was in love with never returned. Supposedly if you stay in room 204 you will have a very haunted night.

The sides of this home had stars,  the stars looked like the earthquake support studs of the houses in Charleston.  I just had to take a picture.  I also like the story the guide told of how Savannah was laid out and designed by a Mason, like other cities.  The reasoning behind the sets of streets, parks and squares.  I think that a lot of these squares are what helps make Savannah the romantic city it is.

We then walked to Colonial Park Cemetery on the edge of the historic district.  We heard about how the union soldiers destroyed the graveyard while they stayed there during the war.  They destroyed stones and changed the dates on others.

The trees on the edge of the cemetery had these trees full of Spanish moss.  Interesting that I learned on this trip how the moss is actually known to kill the trees.

We then took the short walk back to the shopping district and heard the story of the Marshall House Hotel.  It was once used as a Union hospital. Guests have told many stories of seeing and hearing things while staying there.  There have been several guests who have awaken to bite marks and bruises.

Last stop for the night and against my diet was at Leopold's Ice Cream.  And you know its good if you look at the line.

They specialize in custard ice cream and have too many flavors to count from.

I chose a cookie sandwich.  When I got it, I had the wrong flavor in the middle.  It wasn't what I wanted, but tasted good.  I just hated to go back up to the busy guy at the counter to change my order.

The end of the night overlooked the Marshal House Hotel.  I was really tired and so ready to crawl in my hotel bed and go to sleep!