Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Day of School Teacher Gifts

Guess I am being lazy and waiting to bring Waylon's Teacher Appreciation present on the last day. That's because I am just finishing the last one. I made a table runner for each. Waylon is now old enough that he has told me who not to give something to. Funny how kids are like that and just don't appreciate people sometimes. I guess us as adults are like that too. A few of my friends told me that they don't give their teachers anything because they get enough of our tax money. Well I see it as they spend more time with them on most days then we do. They deserve a treat. Who knows what hell my kids put them threw. So each teacher is getting a runner and a jar of Waylon's jam. Hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoy they fact that the year is over and Waylon is out of the 6th grade. On to the wonders of 7th grade. I pray for good teachers and ones that can stand Waylon!!! Lol!
The last table Runner is for Mrs. Kirby the Band Director. She has taught both my boys and I try to always give her an extra treat. She helped both of them find a love for Music!!!
The table runner is random cuts of two 4 inch strips that I sewed to give the unevenness that I surrounded with 1 1/2 inch strips. I have really enjoyed the ability to make items freely with no design and the creation process that goes with it!!
There are also 2 hot pads I made with scraps. Really enjoying the creativity process! Trying to use everything right now!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodbye to Mrs Eva

Mrs Eva has been following along with my son Wade since middle school. Her daughter Demi has been in the same class as Wade since 6th grade. She has been a star volunteer and leader. The roll of volunteering in school has been going away over the years. Mrs Eva has been the diehard volunteer since the day I met her. Last year even after her son graduated she stayed as the president of the Band Booster club. And also was in charge of running of the football concession stand. She has given up hundreds of hours so that the love of music can go on. I wish more people could volunteer I think the world would be a better place!
I was wanting to make her a gift to thank her for all her work and was not sure what. Mrs Eva loves M&M's. On my favorite site Ozark Fabric I found a premade top. It had a M&M playing a Sax and her son Dallas does an amazing job playing the sax!! So decision was easy. I added a few strips of M&M fabric boarder and quilted it with a meandering stippling and there is!!!
I hope you enjoy it Eva!!! You deserve much more than this!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Milestone Reached

Today my son got his High School letter for Band. Boy has Wade grown up. If you know my son Wade then you know that music is his life. He earned his letter for 2 years in marching band. I am so proud that my boy has found a place where he fits and excelled. I hope that Wade continues with his passion and makes sure this stays a permanent part of his life.
He plays in church on some Sundays and playing with that group I think has helped him to grow not just in music, but in his spiritual life.
Here is a table runner I made for Wades band director Jeff Caplinger. I am so excited to see what he helps Wade to accomplish in the future!
The runner was made with no pattern. Just cut up 2 fat quarters and made some piano keys. I am really enjoying being my own creative person!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Light in the Tunnel

I have had sooooooo much to do lately that I have not been able to swim to the top. My tunnel keeps getting longer and longer. Yes, I keep adding stuff on myself, but it's all things that need to be done. My house is a mess and I guess cleaning is a top priority after I try to finish a whirlwind of projects in 2 days. Added to the fact that I work tonight and tomorrow. And then I am worried that I will have to hit the road soon. My sister is due to deliver her twin.
Friday night I finished a quilt top that I hoped I would finish back at the 1st of May, but that's when I started to fall behind. Hopefully I will be able to quilt that in June. Since I finished that quilt by yesterday I was entered into a $25 gift certificate to Fabrics and Quilts!!!! So excited!!!! This top was part of a quilt along at Persimon Dreams Blog. Do not know Kim but she has me hooked on finishing her projects!!! She is actually the cause of one of my stresses:(. I have a quilt project I need done by Thursday and feel I have no time. But I set a goal that I will finish each of her projects this year. My other goal was to make at least a baby quilt out of all her challenges. So cross your fingers and we will see how far we get.
I just finished sewing on the lady strip of fabric on a baby quilt for my soon to be born Nephews. I also finished the other Friday night or really in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I put little airplanes on the edge. That was the first strip quilt I have ever done!!!! So excited because I would like to make more. This may be my go to quick blanket! I will show you one but hope to show you the other tomorrow! If not Tuesday.
Then also by Tuesday night I need to finish a table runner and do a lap quilt. And help with a banquet. Wish me luck.....

Added to the other things this week. I really need to find extra time. Wrote this post thinking I would be able to post it last night. Not even made it home from work yet. Just getting to my moms and it's almost 9. Below are my finishes. Hope to show you more soon.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mid Month Check in For the year of lovely finishes

Well its past the middle of the month and I don't feel like I have gotten very far. I have finished 3 table runners and a crib quilt. I have pieced 1 more runner, finished a few squares for a quilt and sewn a dress. Besides cutting that's all I have done. Think it's time I hit the sewing machine. I have 4 quilts I need to finish in less then 2 weeks. Oh and pick berries and make more goodies.

Her is a Pottery Barn reproduction I made for my husbands cousin. I actually realllllllly Love it. Might be doing more appliqué quilting!!! This was done without a pattern. I made the entire crib set to match. These are 2 more blocks for my favorite block quilt along. 2 more and I will piece my quilt!! Setting a goal of finishing that by Friday. Also finishing at least 1 baby quilt. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fishing Friday

Today I am working on a quilt I should have finished last month. It is for my husbands cousin. I did her entire crib set and was waiting in my new embroidery machine to come in to do the appliqué. It's been here but everything else was not in place. So last night I put it together. And today I was planning on FMQ, but much needed time with my hubby took its place.
One of my other loves is fishing. I love to spend time out on the Lake. I love to catch fish and I just plain love the water!! Last year we got a new boat. Not what I wanted, but exactly what Frankie wanted and that makes me happy. What I don't like is the hot metal:( but I can learn do deal with it! Everyone even the dog have been for a ride on the boat. So it was finally my turn. We went off the landing and before we left a fisherman got him line stuck in our motor. I started to wonder what was going to be next. We untangled it and headed out. We sat in a spot for about 4 hours just the 2 of us. We didn't catch much but we enjoyed the time together. I actually spent a few doing paper piecing. His friend George found us for a few and then we went for a ride. We rode almost to the locks. We just sat and talked. This caused me not to get a nap before work and to be a few minutes late, but every minute was worth it!! Times like this make me be overly thankful for my marriage!!!

Below is my one and only fish for the season. Yes I caught 1 and I think he caught 6. I will catch up next time!!! The other picture is of my boys and the catfish they caught Thursday night.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Me Time Thursday

I slept in again this morning. Only till 8. Had to go to my moms and and check on her and then the day begins. I thought we were going finish. An outing I love. The peace and quiet of the lake mixed with the joy of the catch. Well detours happen and we didn't make it. Maybe tomorrow.
So for me time Thursday I went to Joann's fabric for the 1st time ever. I really enjoyed the trip around the store and the time with Belinda and Jennifer. I am glad that I had the opportunity to shop before the average shopper when it really opens tomorrow!!! Saved a lot of money and enjoyed the relaxation.
Then I took Jennifer to Moe's. I am soooo shocked she has never been. I think she is hooked to!
On to the time just for myself. I finished piecing Skatlett's quilt top. Will show you pictures tomorrow. Now it's time to pass out!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Today I actually slept in. Odd for me! I let Waylon play hooky from school. Today was field day and he hasn't missed much school. He went with me to help my friend Jackie clean her stuff out of my brothers house. But I think he played while he was up there more then he worked. Oh yeah, he even played the radio so much that he made the battery die. After a trip out to lunch and Browns we put the last few touches on our New boat and Frankie and Waylon headed out fishing.
That left me a few this afternoon to get into the quilting mood. I managed to cut out everything for 3 strip quilts. Cut out the stuff to make a block for a quilt along and cut and partially see a table topper.
Tomorrow is fishing day for me and then the family and friends night at Joann's in Summerville. So excited to take my first trip ever to a Joann's!!! Then maybe finish something tomorrow night!!
Below are the fish they caught!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day or as I know it Happy Mom Day.

I have a unique situation. I have a mother and I have many MOMS. I was born to my mother. I know she loves me but I don't think she is able to show love in the way a normal mother does. She provided me the basic needs when I was younger but due to Mental Disease she was unable to complete the package of being a Mom. I coined the word MOM when I was younger as the person who took care of your needs and completed the package. They loved you endlessly whether you were their own or not.
I have many moms. I had a unique situation for those that know me well. And some still just don't understand. I had many moms take me in at a young age and tried to love me as their own(sorry if I was not always the best daughter).
The mom that most of you know of mine is Velma Booth. She is not my really mom but she has loved me now for over 22 years this month. She raised me as her own. She loved me and punished me. She helped teach me the lessons of life whether I liked it or not. I was allowed to have a real childhood here and also became a young adult here. She will forever be my mom for this. She is now getting up there in age and having some health problems. It hurts me sometimes that maybe I did not always show her the love that she deserved but I am hoping to make up for that, with hopes she can forgive me my downfalls.
The next mother is one who I met because she became my sister Nancy's mom. She worked to reunite me with my real sister. I lived with her for over a year. She was a mom like my real dad who wanted to show us the world. She was it a normal mom in southern terms, but I will always appreciate the love she showed me and the time I spent with her. I left her on bad terms, but over the years we have reunited and kindled a special friendship. Her name is Belinda Simpson. She is actually the one who got me into quilting, with the act of a gift of love!!!
Then there was Samantha Crawford. She was married into the family that my brothers took as their own. She was young, but she taught me one of the biggest lessons of my life. Proper punishment. Long story but it has to deal with a rake!!! Her little home was the place I feel like I became a true teenager in. They gave me just enough rope to realize life, but kept me tied to it like real Southern parents. We have stayed as family over all these years and our sons have become really good friends.
Then I have my mother in law. You know we have the typical MIL story, but if I ever need her she is there. I do appreciate all that she has done and she has been a good grandma to my boys.
I had a few other moms along the way. They were all there during the times I needed them. I think each put in my path to help mold me and lead me on the path that God chose. I wish I cod thank them each. But I guess I will give one last shout out to my sister Joy. She really in a lot of terms due to age difference and I being the same age almost as her son became another mother and still is. I can truly tell you that the reason I am who I am today is in a large part due to the mothering she gave me.
Happy Mothers day to all out there and thank you for being a Mom. God blessed me with two boys that I love dearly. But in time I know he will bless me with many more that I can foster into my own. I know that none of us are always the perfect moms, but if we each think about how just a little bit of extra love can change someone's life! Now it's time for me to go love on my boys before another shift of work:(. Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

FMQ Friday and Pass Testing

I did not think I would get any sewing time in today. I spent my days off this week volunteering at PASS testing at the school. As my kids have gotten older I have spent less time volunteering at the school. So every year I have set aside the pass testing days to volunteer. Because of work and a class I only made it 2 days this week. My boys go to a pretty good school, but every year I have noticed a decline in respect for teachers and an increase in misbehavior. If I had to go all week my nerves might have been shot. The first day I was in the worst class I have ever been in. But when I left I pawned it off to the fact that my son hated that teacher too. The thing that made me smile was that one girl had a bible to read after testing and another brought a craft! Two of the biggest thing in my life!! The girl who was making these bracelets mom went to school with and had Art class with for 3 years. Tracy Hulett. Have not seen her in years but it was interesting that she passed it on to her daughter. The second day I was in one of my older sons favorite teachers from middle schools class. She is actually my younger sons friends mom and like my husbands 5th cousin. Her kids were mischievous but respectful. One of them made a very rude comment while she was in the bathroom. Mrs. Shaw called her out. She admitted to what she did and apologized. I think she only did this because Mrs. Shaw respected her. A sign that if kids are respected by their teachers then they will be better behaved. This group was goofy but not bad. Just a thought!
The other reason I was not there all week was that I went to a T-shirt quilting class at my favorite quilt store People Places and Quilts in Summerville, SC. I am helping a friend make some quilts for her kids out of her deceased husbands cloths. I really enjoyed it and worked with a new product called French Fuse. I learned how T-shirts stretch away in one direction as you FMQ them and if you don't put the fuse on them it will turn into a bunched up mess. I am really excited about finishing this project. Stay tuned to posts in the future of the finished quilts.
I really enjoy going to classes I learn a lot from from others and just enjoy the time with other quilters. Already looking at the schedule to see the class I am taking next month!!! If any of you ever have a chance go and spend the day at a quilt shop sewing and you will leave feeling so relaxed and accomplished. The only bad thing is I spend soooo much money. But I always leave with so much inspiration!!!
On to my FMQ, I 3 nights this week piecing together table runners. I have FMQ 3 and finished two. I still have 2 to finish piecing. I take all of my larger pieces of scraps from my quilts and put them in ziplock bags. I knew that one day I would do something with them and did not know what till now. I forgot about teacher appreciation week and thought about the table runner I made last week. So I decided to make some for my sons teachers. My goal is to use the table runners to perfect my FMQ and this is my chance to get a lot of practice in a short time. I have the 2 posted below. I also used 2 of my fancy stitches on my machine for the binding. Will show you the rest of my finishes next week. I hope my boys teachers appreciate these as much as I did making them!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I had to meet a person on the next street over from the house I originally lived in when I moved to the Charleston. So I told my son lets take a detour and I will show you where I spent a lot of my time when I was younger.
For a few years I lived in Military housing on the Weapons Station in Goose Creek, SC. We moved in just a few weeks before Hurricane Hugo and my dad deployed within days of us moving in our house. We originally moved into a house on Petrel Street. It was a 2 resident kind of duplex with 5 rooms. My real family had 4 kids. But Hurricane Hugo turn our life in a whirl pretty quickly. I don't remember why but I even remember the gold looking shirt I wore that night. We did not live in that house long. Hugo Damaged it and we had to move to a house a few streets away. But out of thoughts as I am writing we probably had the best neighbors at this house. We lived next to a family of Mormons. They were very good to us just after the storm. Maybe I will write about Hugo in September. But to my dismay this house is gone. A new house in its place.
As we first road into the development a few things were the same. I showed Wade the bowling Alley that use to be our refuge and where we built a fort in the woods and played like normal kids. We then moved down to where 7 Fletcher use to be. It backed up to the woods on the edge of a ball field and there was a hill there that we slid down when it snowed the Christmas after Hugo. But this building was gone to. It was a 4 plex and we lived on the end. It was only 4 bedroom so we did not live there long.
After that we moved to Sunbird street. Right around the corner. I had the room on the 1st floor! It had its own bathroom right off of it. My friend Melinda lived the next street over and I went to girls out on that street too. The house had a fenced in back yard with a flower bed in the back off the patio. My dog Teddy Beat bit Melinda. I wonder how she is now. This house was the last place all 6 of my family members were together at. I have some really bad memories here. But that was a different time and I am who I am today because of it. It was sad to see the house gone and another one in it's place, but to know this is maybe Gods way of washing away the bad memories of the past.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Strawberry Season

     I am soooooo excited I went strawberry picking with my family Saturday.  My sister and I took my mom with my son Waylon and 2 of her kids.  We would usually go to Eutawville or Sumter but my sisters friend opened up a farm last year.  She has a full crop of strawberries and should I say beyond a full crop of strawberries!!!!  Her farm is in Cordesville, SC called Wabi Sabi Farm.  My younger son Waylon was sooooo excited to pick!  He loves handmade jam.  We ran out early this year.  So we picked 7 buckets of berries and enjoyed some family time!
     We gave a bucket to Moma,  gave a half bucket to my inlaws and cut up more for my brother! Then cut up a massive Tupperware bowl of some and 8 more jars.  I learned off Pinterest to put the berries you want to keep in the same state in mason jars and will show you this in a bit.  These are almost 2 days later with no fruit fresh or additives!
 Sunday afternoon I started to make preserves.  My son Waylon and I did the entire process together. I loved the fact that he was so excited.  That he wanted to learn the process and do it all.  We used the recipe off the box of SureJel Certo.   Its what I have always done and works well.  We made 3 recipes and filled 24 jars.  And to see Waylon's excitement as he filled and closed each jar will never be forgotten!
  We then moved on to Strawberry Syrup.  We use this on waffles and pancakes.  The recipe tripled only made 3 pint jars.  A little disappointed, but maybe that will give us a reason to pick again!   This was a simple recipe I found online.  It was 2 cups Strawberries, 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar.  Crush the berries and then cook to a rolling boil.  Can as you normally can with Mason Jars.
   Next we did Strawberry Pie Filling.  Oh my!!!!!!  My favorite new recipe.  I found it at  It is just like my Husbands great grandmother Humbert's recipe!!  I remembered years ago that she used cornstarch.  Here is the recipe:

  • 16 cups Strawberries
  • 4 cups water
  • 4 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 box Strawberry Jello
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 12 tablespoons cornstarch
  • Mason Jars (they used pint, I used quart)
    Mash eight cups of berries place in pot.  Half the rest of the berries and set aside.  Add the 4 cups of water to mashed berries.  Simmer for 3 minutes.  The recipe said to strain the berries but I kept them in my pot.  I don't mind the messier look of the crushed berries.  Add 4 cups of granulated sugar.  After dissolving add box of jello.  After dissolved add Cornstarch and salt.  After it comes to a rolling boil and thickens, add cut berries.  Now it is ready for the cooked pie crust or to be canned!  I canned.  But what wouldn't fit into the jar I ate!!  Love this recipe and plan on making more.  I wonder how long these few jars will last? 

     I then made just sugar water syrup to store strawberries in to use as a topping for cakes.  Lesson learned for me was that I added the syrup to the jars and when the strawberries met the syrup they shrunk.  Next time I will put the berries in the pot.  But I think as it sits and flavors the syrup this will be really good with some cut berries added to the mix. Lesson learned for next time.
     Last canning project of the day was Strawberry Lemonade.  This is where you  take what is in the jar and pour into a pitcher.  The mixture for a thick drink is 1:1 ratio, but can be watered down to taste! I have never used honey to can so this will be new for me.   Here is the recipe:

  • 4 cups strawberries
  • 1 cup lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup honey
    This recipe also called for the berries to be removed, but I left mine in.   Bring mixture to a boil and can.  Pretty easy.  I will open a jar soon and let you know how it tastes.

     While I did all this process I made a boxed angel food cake and 3 trays of enchiladas.  Of course Sunday was Cinco De Mayo, but I do not go out to celebrate instead we have a private meal!  Needless to say that I spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen.  And even though I had Waylon and all his excitement under my feet I enjoyed every minute of it!  

     I could not get my labels to work on my computer so of course I turned to my sister Nancy and she rescued me!  Waylon was so excited to label these and give them as presents.  I am beginning to wonder if I will have any left!  My next decision is whether to go back in a week or so or to just wait till Blackberry season?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Thought I would get me time today but kids always step in the way...

     Thought I would sleep in. Wade volunteered to take Waylon to school. But that did not happen. So I am. Thought I could sew for a while, but oh no, get called to the school. Go spend an hour there in a meeting and 2 hours of my day were gone.  Since I was up most of the night I decided it had to be time for a nap.  So my May for me started,  A 2 hour nap!!!! Then to get Waylon from school and shopping for my brother.  Bike fixed and back home to clean house.  But I did not finish cleaning!!! I just had to sew!!!!!  
     While I was cleaning the scraps from my Fall Grapes quilt were on my cutting table.  And I have never made a table runner,  but a table runner came to mind.  So with no pattern I just started to sew together scraps in the same type of way as I did with the quilt.   I just connected scraps of different sizes and sewed around a few squares. When I used up the majority of the scraps, it was just the perfect size for a small table topper.  I quilted it together by using a swirly loop pattern that I saw on Leah Day's web site.  This is the first time I have ever done swirls.  I feel that at the end I finally got the hang of it!!!!  I sewed the binging on and used another stitch on my machine with swirls to add to the quilting.  It was a swirl design.  I am loving these extra stitches!!!

     Then back to the laundry!!! And even managed a ride to the river before coming home to force my son to clean his room. That is a job in itself!

I think I will give this to Amanda to match her quilt. She is redoing an old sewing table to put beside her reading chair. I think this will be the perfect topper to protect it from what she may put on top!! Hope you enjoy my Friday Finish!!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

1000 views!!!!!! Me Time May!!!

     So today I officially hit 1000 views to my blog.  Yeah!!!!  I love to write now.  Would have never thought that in High School but its such a relief sometimes to write and such a joy to share about my projects that I completed!  So I decided today since my view have moved up quickly that I will put one item up for every 1000 views I get and when I reach 5000 views I will have a giveaway!!!!
     I worked 6 out of the last 7 days and I was just worn out when I finally got in bed today so after picking up Waylon I just passed out.  And Frankie let me sleep!!!!!  I guess I can say that was my me time!  For a while now I have not had a lot of rest.  I have been going by my moms house each morning to bring her breakfast and make sure she takes her meds.  Some days I just can't leave.  Moma and I have had some wonderful discussions in the morning and I am so appreciative of them!  It has thrown me off my sleeping routine. So me time today is sleep!!!!
     I am taking part in Me Time May that my friend Marcia is doing on her blog this month.  Its where you think of yourself and do something for me everyday!  I hope that each of you reading will take part.  Join in if you have a blog and if you don't  then just take some time for yourself!  Feel free to comment daily on my blog about your "Me Time"!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

Hmm, I guess for me it's really work. I work night shift as an ER nurse. I worked Tuesday night and I work tonight so right now that means about 14 hours of my day are gone. After visiting with my mother for a few this morning I ongoing less then 5 hours sleep to only pick up kids and head home. But today weeding my garden some called me before I left so the only progress I met was my herb garden area. This weekend I am going to work on replanting my garden. I have a lot of volunteer plants that came back from last year. And an overgrowth of mint. Took a pretty picture of a pretty lavender flower on my mint. No sewing but tomorrow I will be attacking the dress making!!! Here comes Capri Ruffle pants!!

Waylon's Quilt, I hope!!!

     When I started to make my second quilt my son asked me to make him a camo one also.  So I started just a basic block quilt.  I did not prewash and used different fabric types.  As I read more about quilting, I learned that I was wrong.  So I put all I had done in a box and put it up, to be lost on my craft shelf that is now my fabric shelf.  Waylon bothers me with each quilt to finish his.  So I guess this month I will.  He doesn't want me to start a new one he wants me to finish his same old quilt. So I guess I will learn a new lesson on my new machine with his quilt.  Oh, and he decided he wants me to put Orange in it.  So now I know what the backing will be. 
     Also this month I will have 3 more quilts to finish.  Yes, that's one a week.  Two will be small.  They are for my twin nephews that I hope will not be here till June and the 4th will be for the Project Quilt Challenge.  Will find out today what that is.  Wish me luck!
     Below is a picture of my second quilt ever.  A small one that I made at church camp for a coworkers baby shower.  She wanted a camo crib set but could not afford it.  So those that know me, know I like to make dreams come true!

Work in Progress Wednesday

    I am quilting.  Actually worked on two today.  Spent a lot of time in the car riding so I finished 2 english paper piecing Hexies.  They are part of the collection of Ahhhh's by Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks!  I love them and they are so relaxing!!!  I continued to work on my  "fall grapes" quilt.  I hope to finish the top tonight.  And I need to hurry and get to work on the camo!  Lots of camo.  The local Hell Hole Festival is next weekend and the dresses and items made out of camo are my hottest sellers.  But that may need to wait till next week.
     As I ate breakfast with my mom this morning I got excited.  I have been trying to go see her every morning that she is home.  This has become our time!  Well this morning I felt as if she was in the best mindset that she had been in a while.  Cheers of Joy!!!!  I like any step in this direction.  I love to see her happy!!
    I took a ride with my husband this evening and took the other picture of my son and dog.  I love it!!  They were playing in the wheat and just the color of wheat at his time of year is wonderful! Oh and a picture of a leach that tried to attach to me. Yuck:). Then on another note, I think after another repeated event, Frankie killed his phone by dropping it off the tractor and it came flying out of the back of the bush- hog.