Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another scrap project

     I made a pair of ruffle pants the other week out of this material. I was is a quilt mood last week and since it was on top of the pile I started sewing and cutting.   I first cut two 2 inch strips out of the leftovers and then sewed each set together.  I then cut 3.5 inch squares out of that. I laid them out till they made a rectangle. I tried to make a "L" pattern. I sewed the strips together and measured the size I would need to cut for the center.  I then sewed the outside strips to the center.  I used the same material for the back and the binding. I quilted it using a rectangle maze pattern.  Not to happy with the binding but I decided not to redo it. 
     I gave it to my friend Jennifer who I share doing my business with.  They just moved into a new house and I have a goal of making something for her each holiday.  Her house burnt down a few years ago and I want to replenish her stock of holiday items!!! 
     Here is a photo of the pants! They are too cute!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Heart Touching

     Last night my heart was touched in so many ways.  I love to make for others.  It feels so good to give.  I never expect anything in return.  I do out of my heart. Last night was the first time I was given back too and I still don't know how to handle it.   My friend Cindy's family surprised me at work with a hand made grill.  It is beautiful with a big heart and pink breast cancer ribbons. I can not describe how they made me feel.  I never give to get back.  I give to show love to others. If they only know how much more this pushes me to give on. To make another persons day better. 
     Thank you to the Warren Family!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday

     Oh my how many projects am I working on? It's getting to be the holidays and I am going in so many directions. I have so many projects going and so many planned.  But I am on a roll with sewing. It just hasn't been on what I need to sew on!
     I have been working on this Gemstone quilt for the last few weeks. I laid it to the side about a week ago and my goal is to have it done by November 15. I need to get Christmas on a roll!!
     The thing I have really been working on is this weeks new love!  I discovered String Quilting.  And I am doing Wonky string Quilt at that! I love Bonnie from quiltville and her tutorials!  I am using Wax paper because that is all I had.  I have done like 15, six inch squares and I am on a roll. I am quickly using up my scrap bin! 
     I actually cut all my square out of my scrap bin into 2, 2 1/2, 3, 3 1/2, 4, 5 and 6 inch squares. These will all be used later in my quilting life!  Then I have been keeping all my strips and little pieces for something.  Now I am working on that something, strip quilting.  I actually see the squares and pieces I cut as free quilts.  I have decided that next year I will make at least 1 project a month out of my scraps so be in the look out!! 
     The last thing I have been working in is outfits! Lots and lots of outfits!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Endeavors

     I usually don't sell my quilts but have had so many requests lately.  So I have decided to make a few simple ones to sell and see how it goes. 
     I bought a bunch of this Riley Blake material when it was on sale because I just loved it!  When I cut the 2 quilts out for my nephews a few months ago I cut enough to make one more in hopes to start selling.  Well I never found time to do that until now.  It's a simple quilt as I go pattern so it doesn't take that long. I did little helicopters all along the boarder. 
     I have decided to try to make at least 2 simple quilts each month to sell.  Don't know how realistic that goal is but I am going to try.  My only problem is pricing. Anyone out there have ideas what fair charges are for quilts? 

An Apple A Day keeps A Man Working

     Went from not being in a big sewing mood to sewing nonstop.  I have a lot of outfit orders but all I have wanted to do is quilt.  I have a lot of projects going on at once.getting back in the groove. Really need to work on Christmas but other things come 1st. 
     Last month I fell behind in the quilt challenge I always do.  I had no time.  Crazy enough to find out the lady who runs the challenge was like me, busy!  So she extended it a month!!  I participate in Presimon Dreams Project Quilt every month where she gives a challenge.  So for September and October the challenge was "An Apple a day...."  At first I thought an apple project.  Then I thought about keeping a doctor away.  I did not know wat to do.  But then I went digging in my boxes to find something and found my forgotten about box of jean scraps.   I bought the box out of a fabric swap group.  There was enough to make an entire quilt.  
     So a few weeks ago every time I was cooking or doing something In the kitchen, I cut the scraps into 6 1/2 inch squares.  I have a cutting mat I leave on the kitchen island and when I can't leave the pot it's the perfect thing to do!  Jean is not an easy thing to cut.  It takes time and wears your hand out! 
     I decided to do a basic quilt.  I just sewed all the blocks together. I did not pay attention to shades.  Some squares are dirty or a little holie but that built character.  The lines were hard to keep straight due to thickness but it looks good.  I then only added a layer of flannel to the inside instead of batting because my husband doesn't like to be too hot.  I used a tan with white dots on the back for no reason but I didn't have too much fabric that was manly.  The binding is done in a bluish green that was on top of a pile.  I made a quilt tag on the back out of a jean square and a piece if the binding fabric using the stitches off my Janome Horizon. 
     So back to why I chose the jeans!!  I feel that an apple a day keeps a man at play or an apple a day keeps a man working!!  Today is my husbands birthday   And this quilt is for him.  Before today there is only one quilt in my house that I own that I made.  I give them all away. My family is now saying where is mine so this will make two out of three needed. 
I wanted this quilt to be one that could get dirty and I be ok with it.  My family lives in the yard.  They love working on things and driving tractors.  I try to feed them the healthy fruits and vegetables that we grow or we buy locally and I believe it keeps them healthy so they can play and work.  So my quilt will be called "Working Mans Blues"! Hoping my husband likes it!
     Below is a cucumber I picked from my garden today.  I did not plant fall cucumbers.  This is a volunteer plant!  Just hope the freezes stay away so I can get a few more.  I have never had fresh cucumbers in October!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Quilts Heal

     Something I learned long ago...quilts and Blankets Heal.  Starting at a young age you get wrapped in a blanket and snuggled to make you feel better.  As I got older I turned to the blankets that I received from my grandma as a youth.  One a handmade quilt made by my great grandmother and the other just a soft blanket.  When I was sick or sad I turned to them and I always felt their love. It was just like a hug.  When I was older I got one that my grandma knitted.  A special gift since she also taught  me to knit.  That is now my go to blanket. 
     Since eighth grade I have been crocheting, knitting or sewing blankets.  All of which have been given as gifts to someone or used by my kids. Every person is always happy and tells me for time how much that blanket has meant.  The reason I think they mean so much is that they are handmade with love, from the heart.  A way for someone to always get a hug!
     For me it is a stress reliever, a process of  making something to heal my heart when needed.  There is something about the process off creating something for others that heals my heart.  
     I created a quilt for a dear friend Cindy months ago and she told me that quilt gave her love and hope. Today she was buried with it.  A request she gave her family.  It touched me.  In my heart I wanted her sister, her caretaker to be wrapped in love.  The night before she unexpectedly died I laid down the project I was working on and for no reason started working in a breast cancer quilt.  This is odd for me to start a project for no reason at all.  In my heart I think Cindy was talking to me. So in just a few days I finished this quilt made mostly of the same fabric I put in her quilt.  Now that feeling of Cindy's love will go on.  Cindy loved to do the same Hobbies as me and would do the same for my sister.  My hope is this will help her threw her mourning process. 
     I named my new Featherweight Cindy.  As I destress myself sewing she will always be with me making for others and wrapping people with love for many years.  
     This is her sisters quilt.  Could not resist at work to take a picture of it sitting in Cindy's chair. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sewing makes a day better

     Today was a day full of sadness and happiness in one day.  Every year I go to the Komen Race for a Cure with my friend Diana, a breast cancer survivor. This year was bittersweet. I was mourning the death of my dear friend as well as celebrating the life of Diana. And I met up with my special friend Angela and her mom that I don't see often enough.  Seeing the survivors on that stage reminded me how lucky I am to have good health and to have a healthy family. Please go get your breast exam and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 
     The joy of the day was that I bought my first antique sewing machine.  A Singer featherweight.  It's a white 1963 machine that I believe was made in Scotland.  I got it from a local auction and it came with lots of accessories!!! Oh and this little handmade table.  My first item won at auction!!  I did not pull it out till late tonight, but the good news is it sews perfectly.  So excited for the things I am going to be able to do with it!!  
     Stay tuned tomorrow for a post of some of my projects and thanks for reading and listen to me!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sad Days Made Better By A Quilt

     Today is a very sad day for me.  My friend Cindy passed away.  She started with a battle with breast cancer that she survived.  It came back and metastasized. And took her life in a short period of time.   She was always the most optimistic person I knew. She is the one I made the breast cancer quilt for.  Her sister told me tonight that she asked to be buried with it.  That touched my heart more then anything. 
     I was in the middle of a quilt project last night and had a draw to start a new quilt.  Don't know why but I did,  it was out of the same material I made Cindy's. I actually ony have to sew the last row on.  I actually worked on it till 3am and then started back on it at 7.  I think Cindy and God knew her sister would need it.  She loved her sister and her sister took good care of her and let her move in with her.  My plan was to actually make sure she got Cindy's quilt, but Cindy had plans of her own.   So this quilt will be hers. For her to be wrapped in love. 
     I know Cindy is in heaven looking down on us.  I am doing the Komen race for you in the morning, but now I am sewing my sorrows away and maybe in a while I will knit in honor of you.  Will post this when I start free motion quilting your sisters blanket.  Thanks for making my life happier at work and for giving me another view on life!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Enough Work and Time to Play!!!

    The last 2 months I have worked a lot as a nurse.  Two years ago I left my job at one SF Hospital and went to work at a small ER in the country.  Now I have gone back and I am working st both.  So I have had an orientation process for the last weeks.  This has put a toll on my sewing time.  So I have decided that the next 2 weeks are going to be my sewing time!!  I have paid jobs to catch up on and want to make a quilt of my own.  I also want to start on Christmas.  I actually plan on having a Christmas gift Marathon.  My goal is to work on one thing for myself for each item I make to fill someone's order from now till Christmas.  
    What are you planning to make for Christmas gifts?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Lots of Sewing Going on!

     I have actually found a lot of time this week to sew!! Kind of excited.  Actually I am turning out a few of my unfinished projects.  My goal is to finish at least 1 a week.  
     Back when I first started to quilt I cut out all these 6 inch camo blocks.  I had a bunch of mixed color flannel with these.  I have a baby shower next week, and of course it is a camo lover so I knew this would be the perfect project to finish.  I cut these blocks when I first started and they are a little uneven,  but I decided not to care.  This would help tell the story of where I came from!!!!  Now to hand sew the binding, a new adventure for me.
     I have actually been sewing at my moms house on my sister Joys machine. My mom and dad have not been in the best health lately and needed a little help.    My mom came to me while I was at her table and told me that no one has ever had a sewing machine in her house.  Kinda shocked me, but it felt good that I could make a blessing under her roof.  From the looks of things though I might be spending a lot of time here sewing away.  
     Ruffle pants and LongAlls are the craze this week.  Can't remember how many pair I have sewn....  Next week will be the Minnie and Mickey Challenge!!!