Sunday, February 5, 2017

Shelves Full of Yarn


    This has been a hard week Mentally, Physically and Emotionally.  I had a major Surgery on the 25, had to deal with a major life occurance and the anniversary of my biological mothers death.  This week will forever change me.  With all the ups and downs of life,  things can only go up. It will be a long road, but I will keep my head up.

     About a month ago, I told Bea Lee I would pattern test for her.  I thought I would get out of the hospital sooner then I did, but I didn't.  When this weeks Project Quilt Challenge came out,  I had been laying in the hospital for a few days and had finally come home to my Tshirt knit sheets.  I love them!  Then I pulled out a T-shirt Quilt I needed to make.  Then I thought of how heavy that quilt would be and wasn't sure if I would have the energy or ability yet to quilt it.   I looked up in the corner of my sewing room and saw my yarn basket and my mind then thought about Bea's pattern and knew it was perfect!!  Her pattern is called "Shelves Full of Yarn" and that's what the quilt looks like!

     I have plenty of scraps already sorted by color,  so that made it easy.  I even used scraps for many of the squares.  I actually figured out how to do a lot of this sitting down and ironing sitting down.  Not something I do much of.  I am a very active person.  But sewing is my stress relief and I was soooo glad to be back in my sewing room.

     The pattern was written well and honestly worked on my mound of scraps.  I made one change with mine and used a piece of fabric as the base to sew down too.  My go too preferred method, not a must.  The snowball blocks and 9 patches went together pretty quickly since my scraps were already sorted.  Once the blocks were done, the top went together quickly.

     Since my new Juki broke during the last challenge,  I wasn't able to use it to FMQ,  and I knew my  Janome was more work.   So I decided to do straight line quilting, something I don't always love, but was needed today.  I decided to use the angle of the snowball blocks and quilt on the angle.  I quilted straight lines about a 1/2 inch on the outside and inside of the snowballs and all the way across the nine patches.   I kinda like how it turned out.

     This quilt is going to be given to a little girl who was diagnosed with cancer at the same time I was having surgery.  My biggest motivation in life is making others happy.  The motivation to give a girl a quilt has helped me so much in the last week.  I am so thankful for Project Quilt this week!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Eight Shoo flys

  My first project of the year and the first project of season 8 of Project Quilt.  The theme was the number 8.  Well it just so happened I pinned this photo of a quilt I was going to make a change up on Pinterest.  And I knew the Shoo Fly block had 8 sides.  So I decided to do eight giant Shoo Fly blocks.    I already had fabric picked out for it.  And it just happened to be one of the my goals for the year!

     Night one after work I measured and came up with a plan that added another two 8's to my quilt.  I decided to make only 8 blocks using 8 inch squares with the center block empty.  So the ironing and cutting began and I had the quilt and binding cut out! 

     Night two I barely had any time but got the half square triangle blocks marked, sewed and cut out.  Then on to working long hours for the next few days.

    After working most of the night Friday and sleeping late on Saturday,  I had my head set on Sewing all day long!!!  And that I did,  with the exception of a little cleaning, homework and laundry.  I sewed the day away.  I managed to get the top done, sandwiched and partially quilted.

    I managed to use a product new to me, blue Ponce.  I have been buying stencils for a little over a year and used the white one on one small project.  81 blocks later I think I finally got the hang of it.  It's not done very neatly,  as I was in a hurry,  but it's quilted.  I do think for the future,  I know that using stencils takes time,  but does help with free motion quilting. Ponce,  does take some work to get use too,  and shows up great. 

     I diminished the binding just in time to post,  but then had a blog nightmare that I am still fighting.  That's another story for another day.  This quilt finishes at 74x74.

     This quilt will be a gift to match one I made my best friend.  This will be for her daughter!!   I hope she enjoys it and cherishes it for years. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Goals

     I got of track the last few years and did not even do a goal list last year.  This year I decided I would put most of my unfinished or desired projects on my list of Goals.   My goal is to at least finish one project a month.  My other goal is to not have any unfinished projects next January 1st, unless they are a long term project.   So here's my list-

Brads Wedding Quilt

Confederate Flag Quilt

Sawyer valance

Wendy Mcmanus Quilt

Bob Hammond quilt

Wade's grandaddy Quilt

Bill Retirement Quilt

Nancy McNally block of month Challenge

Mazie Quilt

Scrappy crown of thorns quilt

Stained glass window Quilt

Fox Quilt

Laundry room curtains

Camo strip Quilt

Daddies row by row Quilt

2017 row by row Quilt

Diamond scrap quilt

Jared Quilt

Us map Quilt

Christmas scrap Quilt

Triangle Christmas scrap Quilt

Urban scrap Quilt

Fox Quilt

Brick cottage Rainbow Quilt

Unpaper towels

Einmo retreat Quilt

Pirate Quilt

Back porch coffee table

Back porch grill table

Propane shutters

Sewing room island

Closet buffet

Door potting stand

     Project Quilt starts today.  There will be 6 Challenges to finish,  maybe I can knock a few of theses goals off my list while doing it!  Project Quilt is such a motivation for me to get the year started.  Lets see how I will do with a new sewing room this year


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Scrappy Diamonds


  I saw this quilt a long time ago but could not find directions.  So being a quilter I made my own pattern.  The quilt finishes at 70x70

  For  the material,  I used left over pieces from one of my first quilts and just about all my cream scraps.  

     Lots and lots of quilting,  doing pebbles and swirls in all the cream areas.   

   More on the quilt later and the story. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Row By Row 2016 Day 5, Row 6


    Today I barely finished a row.  After working a long night shift then having a 8 hour long kayaking adventure.  Sorry for the late post,  just had to get it done!

     Today's row is from Sew Suite Studio in Lexington, SC.   This is actually a cute little place.  She doesn't have much fabric,  but what she does is up to date. She has a very nice collection of precuts. Her machine corner has a nice selection with a little longarm.  She has a little teaching room in the back.  I think this might be the smallest place I stopped at, but she makes the most of it!! I think she does lots of embroidery out of her shop.  And what I think is a mother daughter team is awesome! 

     On to the row!! I loved her patriotic row.  She gave you 3 options, Clemson, Carolina and US colors.  Her pattern was laid out well.  Not to mention printed in color and just easy to follow.  I bought her already embroidered SC state fabric. This row went together so quickly, that is once you got the fabric cut,  she did allow for a little extra invade you made a mistake.  Awesome kit! Might be my favorite,  I love to piece! And this allowed for it.  

     I thight I bought a license plate, but when I got home there wasn't one in the bag:(

Friday, June 24, 2016

Row by Row 2016 Day 4, Row 5

     So excited before I came to work tonight I was able to work on another row!  This kit was amazing and most of the pieces were already cut.  I loved it.  This row is from A Stitch-N-Time, Again in Orangeburg, SC.  It was my fourth stop in my adventure,  Nice to get out of the car after over an hour drive. 

     The shop is easy to find and just a little distance off the interstate.  It was full of fabric and sewing accesories.  A lot of the fabric was older, not much newer stock, but if you are a person like me you would love it.  I was excited to find one of my favorite older Jason Yenter prints!!!  The owner knows her stock and just where things are at.  There is not much meeting and class space in the store, but not sure if she does much either.  I do think it might be a place for me to go hunt if I am looking for an older piece of fabric!!

     As for the row, the kit was amazing.  The owner hand cut sooo many pieces and put them in individual bags matching the section they belonged in.  They were already fused and ready to go.  There were only a few pieces to trim and you were ready to sew.  She had 2 kit options and I chose kit #2.  And when I mean the kit was ready, it was and went together sooooo quickly.  It was really worth the money.  The only thing I did not like was thier was no true pattern in the kit if you wanted to make another.  I questioned the high price, but it was worth the work.   

     Here is her plate,  Not sure of the meaning, but maybe one of you can tell me!

Row by Row 2016 Day 4, Row 4

     I am caught back up to doing my rows in order.  It just took me longer to do People Places and Quilts row then it did the rest.  Had to trace and cut lots of pieces.

     If you have never been to visit People Places and Quilts,  it's worth the trip.  And I am not just saying this because it's the closest store to my house.  Diane and her daughter pour their soul into the place.  There is sooo much knowledge ther.  If one of the employees doesn't know the answer, another does.  Honestly,  the have the best employees, especially Sue!!  She is so knowledgeable about the Janome sewing machines!  The fabric selection is the best.  If you don't see what you want,  just ask, they will order it!  When you can't decide what matches,  the ladies there have the best eye and there are always a group of customers there to give their opinion!!  

     On to their row, well there is a lot of Appliqué,  did I say it's not always my favorite...   I really do the most appliqué in a year during Row by Row.  I am not too good with all the little pieces.  I did go the hard way with the background and did the extra piecing recomendation!  I do love to piece!!!!    

     The row is cute!! Love all the different patterned fabric.  This gets me out of being too matchy.  This kit as a whole is just awesome.  The fabric provided is more then you will need.  She gives you bonus accessories to decorate your row with.   Even the kit was awesome to look at.  They did well again this year with a full size full length printed pattern that was easy to read.   Honestly, there is nothing better they could have done with the pattern.

     Here is their license plate.  So fitting of them!!  If you have a chance and your in the summerville area, go hang out in the shop,  I promise you will leave with a smile