Sunday, March 23, 2014

Watercolor Triangle Quilt

     The Last Project Quilt Challenge is Triangles.   What seems like a simple challenge, but I can't just let it be simple. I saw the challenge and had so many inspirations and ides.  But my mind keeps going back to the Olympic 2014 Quilts.   The quilts were full of triangles and diamonds and blending colors. I was just in love!!!  But I could not find a pattern.  So I decided I would do real triangles.  But I have never done any real triangles, so I pulled out my Tri Recs rulers.   I decided it would be a good time to use them!!   

     Then I had to pick out fabrics.  I knew I would need lots of blending colors.  I suddenly got overwhelmed by my fabric shelves. Then I looked down and saw my pile I just got in the mail from Hillbilly Handiworks.  It was a bunch of sale fabric that came from 2 collections from the same designer, that just happened to blend.  The fabric appeared to look like watercolor.  I would have liked a more one color tone collection, but it was gonna work and I had no idea what to do with the fabrics!!

    There were 15 different fabrics and I cut them into 6.5 inch strips then cut them into triangles.  I saved the ends to use at the ends and cut those with the 1/2 triangle ruler.  

     I then began the long process of sewing them into rows.  I had no pattern, so it was a trial and error process.  The rows ended up being 18 whole triangles wide by 12 rows long.   It ended up being 60x66.   

     The exciting thing is that this is the first top that I pieced completely on my featherweight Cindy.  I have had her since October but have not been able to use her as much as I wanted.  She needs a good tune up, but did well piecing this top!!

     I did not lay this top out in any specific pattern, I just let it flow as it was going to.   I was hoping that some matching fabrics would come along and make triangles.   Only a few appeared. But I love the suttle matches! 

     I then sewed 2 larger pieces of the fabric collection together to make a backing.  One, was this beautiful Hydrangeas fabric.  I used it for the majority of the backing.   The other an elaborate plaid. 

    I did a basic outline stitching on the quilt that was actually also triangles.  I just followed the lines of the quilt in three different directions.  

     I bound the quilt in a pink squiggly line that was part of the collection.  I did a swirly pattern on the binding.  The stitching is not perfect.  Had a brand of thread problem.  One of those, I know what brand not to use next time.  

     I am giving this quilt to my wonderful neighbor Anne.  She is a bright inspiration to all.  She has fought so many battles in her life and has not let them get her down.  But she just had back surgery and needs some cheering up.   I think that this may give her the happy Spring feel on the first week of Spring.  I hope this will do just that!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Giving Up For Lent???

     Last year I gave up buying fabric for Lent.  A hard thing for me to do!  This year I was undecided till the last moment.  I decided this year I would make a lifestyle change with food.  A journey I have done several times.  I started out the year good with a healthier diet.  But then my mom got sick and died.  I began to stress diet.  I started eating things that I was doing without before.  While I was out of town with my mom I did a lot of eating out.  Which is truly not the healthiest.  So there led the start of my Lent decision.
     I was trying to decide what I wanted to give up for lent.  I thought about something sewing related again.  I crossed this out quickly since this is a much needed stress reliever right now.  I then went to fast food.  I crossed this out also.  I have been working a lot lately and will be in the next month to come.  So I decided I will make a change there and do healthier, but not give up eating out.  My next thought was sweets.  I have struggled with that in the past.  I am being so unchristian and bad saying I don't think I can do this for the month.  Another stress reliever.  But then I thought I could also pray away some of my stresses.  I decided to make another cut in this area.  That included sweet drinks.  Once I am out of my stash I am done for now.  Don't buy, won't drink right!  So I decided that the one thing I have been doing a lot of lately again was candy eating.  So I decided to give up candy.   I am hoping that God will help me with my start of permanently giving this up!  I really have a lot of stress and hard feelings to give up to God right now.  So I am hoping that this will allow me some closer time.  Some peace and reflection.

Bookmarked Pages

     I think we all have bookmarked a few pages.  Between my computer, ipad and iPhone I feel like I bookmark a lot.  I see something daily that I want to do.  The fact is most of the projects I bookmark I never find time to do.  The beginning of the year is always busy for me.  I am already give out before Christmas and then comes Project Quilt and some inspiration to get started.  One of my goals this year is to work on Christmas all year.  To make things all year long so that I will have finished projects come December.  I tell myself that I am going to do this every year and I don't.   So this year I am going to do 2 projects or items a month for the rest of the year.  

     I decided to do this I will use 2 of my bookmarked blog posts.  That way I will make a variety of items.   The hardest part is to decide what project I am going to make first!!!

     So I have decided on reuseable swifter pads. The link is found her:

And here:

And here:

I am going to make 2 of each and get my friends to decide which one they like best !  Then make some more. I think that will be an easy start with everything else going on in March. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Making A Girls Day!!

     Last Thursday my coworker brought me an outfit to Alter for her daughter.  After taking a look and having a conversation we decided that it would be best to just make a new dress.  The week I had to make it was very limited for me, but I knew I could do it!   I actually bought the fabric on Sunday and procrastinated.  I had to have it made by Wednesday evening for her to try on. Typical me, I waited till Wednesday morning to start. 

     The dresss was for a school pageant and her mom decided to use a dress called "Paris' Tweeb Party dress' found on etsy.   Here is a link

     The girl I was a making the dress for was 11 but wore a size 15/16. She was more developed then the other girls in her group.  And much taller.  She wanted to disguise this.  So we decided that we would use the 15/16 size pattern and not the one with cups.  First mistake.  Here is a photo with her and wearing it exactly as the pattern said. 

     She did not like the fact that she was not covered on the left side at the breast area and the strap going across the back was to tight.  I had also made a sash and her mom wanted it bigger to define her waist more.  This pattern is more high cut and kind of A line. 

     So I took the sashing I originally made and did a kind of gathered poof hand sewn at the top.  I also took off one of the straps, folded over the top some and hand sewed the poof along the one strap.  

     I then cut 3 pieces of the silk into 10 inch widths by the WOF and sewed them tog eye and then cased them into a sash.  I then hand sewed the sash to the front to Make sure it sat right the entire time.  The length of the fabric allowed for both there not to be a seam in the front and a big bow in the back the length of the dress.  I think this looks so sweet. 

     The pattern was very easy to follow.  I would suggest doing a sample first before making out of good material to make sure the sizing is right.  I would also suggest you do the method of not sewing the straps down till you know it fits.  The length of this dress was perfect for the tea length called for in the pageant.   I am actually planning on making this dress again for another child I know. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My First Ever Finished Sampler

   About a year ago I took part in a quilt along where we had the chance of making 2 squares a week.  If I remember there were 20 total.  I did not finish all because I had other things going on.  The quilt along was hosted by Persimon Dreams, one of my favorite blogs.

     This was within the 6 months where I feel I truly was begining my journey into quilting. I did not know what a 1/4 foot was and not all my squares were perfect.  So my quilt was not square or perfect.  But it was perfect to me!! 

     I was going to give it to my friend as a graduation present, but my brother in laws at that time girlfriend commented on it.  So I put it up for her she was also graduating!!  I thought I would finish both by graduation, but I did not:(.  So I put it up and pulled the top out last week.   I gave this as a gift for my brother in law and soon to be sister in laws bridal shower.  Congrats Jordan and Helen!!!

     I finished it by just doing basic swirl stippling. And then machine binded it and did a basic swirl on the binding.  If you followed me this far, you know my love for sewing with Chevron, so to match the Clemson University themed top, I backed it in Chevron!!!

     As of today I am starting my second set of sampler blocks.  A little late in the year but hope to have another 2 done for Christmas!!! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

First Every Quilt Show


   Nothing to ever get you inspired more then a quilt show.  I might have a new addiction!!!   My friend Belinda and I went to our first ever quilt show in Mt Pleasant Yesterday.   The Cobblestone Quilting Guild from the Charleston area puts this on every other year.  I got into quilting about a year and a half ago so this was my first!
     This was also Belinda's first trip across the Cooper River bridge.  Odd thing is this years quilt poster for the show was of the bridge. And we went back over a second time.  Maybe we can get her into Mt Pleasant more often!!!
     I have already decided that I will split the photos I took between 3 posts!  I started off good taking photos of the cards on each quilt, but as time went on I was just photographing the quilt, my apologies:(.  I only took photos of those that hit me for some reason.
     Here is the first quilt I fell for, a mariners star.

     I love how small blocks turn into large quilts.  Would love to do one, one day. 

     This is a small wall hanging.  I loves small pieces and the colors.

     Don't know if that's the name I would call it.

     If you know a lot about me, you know I love paper piecing.  There are such small hexies in this!!

     I love how the past inspires the future!!!

     Maybe one day I will be good enough to make this!! Love the colors! 

     And how basic swirling completes the quilt. 

     A true modern and basic quilt!!  The colors I love to do for kids though. 

     There is always math in quilts!!!

     These sunflowers went up the center but were not centered on the quilt.  I loved it, but Belinda didn't. 

     Now this piece I really liked and took a  few photos.  The fabric is fabric painted.   It is also wrinkled and scrunched up on purpose.  

     I also loved the fine stitching on the flowers.  I believe it's called thread painting.  

     There is also beading and crystals inlaid into the basic quilting. 

     I really think I would like to do one like this.  I am in love!!!

     I regret I did not take a picture if the entire quilt but people stayed crowded around this.  I took several photos of one section.  It is covered with this fine quilting!!  

     All i have to say about the quilting on this plain piece is fabric is beautiful!!!  I would never have the patience for this.

     Every stitch looks sooooo perfect. 

     Judy, whoever you are you did an awesome job!!!

Will be back in a day or 2 with a new set of photos!! Really had fun and already planning a trip to Hilton Heads Show!!!

March Marks This Years Future


   It's time I get started back into my life.  Since January I have felt a world of emotions and seen my world overturn. I have still not gotten back to my regular sewing routine.  But March is going to be my month of getting on top of that challenge!!!   I have not gotten far on my list of Projects to do and have done no Sampler blocks this year. I am Challenging myself this month to get caught up.  To meet the challenge and try to get a lot of my projects done. I feel the only thing I have truly worked on are the Ahhhh's.  That is because they can go with me wherever I go.  

1- Scrappy Quilt around the world
2- string quilt- DONE
3- crab quilt
4- Rainbow quilt
5- Jean scrap quilt
6- Cindy's moms quilt
7- I spy quilt boyW
8- I spy quilt girl
9- Christmas I spy quilt
10- Christmas Tree quilt
11- Cival War Quilt
12- Batik Quilt
13- 2 inch strip quilt
14- breast cancer quilt
15- Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt
16- feed sack quilt
17- rainboot quilt
18- design a block for Persimon Dreams Blog
19- Floor Pillow
20- 37 sunflower blocks Done
21- Autism quilt for Michael
22- Crown royal Quilt
23- Herbie pocket quilt
24- Karen quilt
25- Herbie Scrap quilt
26- Project Quilt all weeks half way done
27- Bejeweled Quilt
28- Project Quilt bonus challenge. 
29- Project Quilt Monthly Challanges
30- Finish 20 more Ahhhh's- 8 finished 
31- 3 Chromacity Ahhhh Challenges

     To knock a few things off the list I will finish at least 2 of my Chromacity challenges off this month, 2 Project Quilt Challenges and I am hoping to get started on Cindy's moms quilt.  If I can do that I will get 3 quilts done this month.     I am behind on the block of the month.  So I have decided that I will do at least 3 this month.  If I do an extra a month I can catch up in 4 months!!!

 If you want to participate, come look here

If you want to participate in project quilt take a look at this link html?m=1