Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Row by Row SC Day 9 A Finish!!!

     And it's a finish!!!  My first ever row by row completion!  After traveling over 600 miles to collect rows and sewing every moment while I had a chance working four 12 hour shifts and moving I see this as an exciting finish!  

     I decided to construct my quilt with 6 rows going down and then one on either side. 

Row #1-  Is from Quulting At The Beach in Myrtle Beach, SC.  It has sooooo many little pieces, 45 to be exact.  This row is my first real attemp at Freemotion Appliqué.  Not the best but helped with the learning curve! 

Row #2- Is from Emmie's in Camden, SC.  I was not sure if I liked the plan of this row at first but it grew with me.  If you don't buy the kit you will need a fish fabric or pattern to finish this project. 

Row #3- Is from Sew Many Common Threads in Conway, SC.  I love this row and think it would look good alternated with Sailboats for a little boy quilt. 

Row #4-  Is from Accent Sewing in Murrells Inlet.  Not my style but it fits the ocean theme.  I loved the precut Crab they provided.

Row #5- Is probably my favorite row and just by chance from my favorite store, People, Places and Quilts!!   I love batiks and how it's themed with our local nature in mind.  This pattern was also very well written.  If you go, buy the kit, the fabrics work well together!  And of course that's where I am going to collect my prize!

Row #6- Is from Treadle Pushers in Sumter, SC.   I loved this little quilt shop/bar and all the ladies there.  I think I will be going there again soon just to sit and sew.  For thier first pattern, it was well written and the fabric kit was awesome! 

Left Upper Row- Is from Stitch n' Sew in Mt Pleasant.   I love the mixture of traditional and appliqué in this row.

Right Lower Row- Is from Five Eighths Seams in West Ashley, SC.  This row was the most Challenging with the most pieces.  Curved seams were new to me and I think I mastered them. 

     I decided to outline my rows with a fabric to allow each row to stand out.  Most of my stash is packed up so I had only a few pieces to work with. I chose the dots because all of the colors where found in the rows.  I put a 2 inch sashing around all the center rows.  

     On the outside I decided to put an aqua Chevron fabric to finish the outer rows.  It seemed to go with the H2O them@? S. I was going to use it as the backing and an outer border, but changed my mind.  

     I decided when I quilted it that I needed to do something fast to finish it.  My decision was just to do a meandering stippling just like the waves of the ocean. I used a verigated Aqua, Aurifil thread to Freemotion Quilt it. 

    For the binding, I used the same dot fabric as the sashing.  

     I made a basic label using the scrap Aqua.  I used the letter stitches off my Janome sewing machine. 

     Not perfect but I am satisfied with it.  I have to remind myself that nothing turns out perfect if you rush.  Because of moving I did not have a good area and I could not stretch the backing well.  Somehow an area got bunched.  But at this point I am just dealing with it.

     I can't wait to collect and get started with another set of rows.  Maybe this time from upstate SC! 

     Photos taken at Russellville Beach.  


  1. Great job! I am working, slowly, on mine. The dot fabric fits just perfectly!

  2. Great job! Your choices of fabric worked well with the rows.

  3. Beautiful quilt! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  4. Appreciate the time you spent sharing this in detail with the photos and explanations. You did a marvelous job with the choice of fabric and quilting design Thanks.

  5. Appreciate the time you spent sharing this in detail with the photos and explanations. You did a marvelous job with the choice of fabric and quilting design Thanks.

  6. Hey I am glad some one else is as enthusiastic as I am. This was my second year and I turned my Quilt in yesterday at Belfast Maine .