Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not A Normal Sunday

     Today was not a normal Sunday.  I guess a few parts are, but thats about it.  I stayed up after Midnight working on the quilt that I told you about earlier.  After falling asleep at about 2 am I was back up a few after 6 to get Wade off to Church and Frankie off to work.  The somewhat normal part.  Then to take an hours nap that ended up being a 2 hour nap.  Oops now I was late to church, but I had to finish my project quilt, quilt.  Which I did and got ready for church and left, just to turn around because I forgot the quilt at home.  Got to church 30 minutes late,  but that was ok because it was a 1 1/2 hour service that I really needed to hear.  And of course my son was playing!  Then to help cleaning up the church and head to see my mom at rehab.
     I was in a hurry to get to rehab because my sister left for Germany today for a year.  And we were gong to say our goodbyes.  But on the way there she called and told me that my Nephew and his wife's little girl was born.  Welcome to the world Teagan Lail!!!!!   So there went my goodbye.....  But I had to visit my mom before returning to pick my son up, who took a trip to a Wildlife show in Columbia with his other Grandfather.  Wade and I visited mom and went shopping for her.  The things you realize you want and need when you are gone from home for a week.  But anything I can do for her.  And did I forget to tell you it poured down rain all day?
     When I went to leave my heart sunk.  I had not really said goodbye to my sister Joy.  Not the way I wanted.  Joy is not only a big sister she is a second mom.  She is almost old enough to be my mom.  She is the one I call when I need to talk, when I need advice, when something is wrong.  She can always fix things.  A year without her.  A year when I cant talk to her at the spur of the moment.    This will be a hard year.  I love my sister Joy.  She is a great woman!  A mother, a sister, a grandmother, a friend, a nurse and a sailor.  She is a reservist in the Navy and I am so proud of her!

   Enough of my rambling that always makes me feel better.  On to my stash report....

So I skipped last week and need to catch up!

Stash bought starting in March: 23 yards

Stash used previous starting in March: 12 yards

New Stash: 18 yards

Stash used in last 2 weeks: 14 yards

Stash overage so far 15 yards

Will be doing a lot of sewing the next 2 weeks, So I hope to even this out!

Another Crazy Stressful week

Last Saturday I thought I was going to a Goodbye/birthday party, but instead I went to a going to the hospital party. My mom had an event and broke her hip. Since then I have spent most of the waking moments(and sleeping) of my days off with her at the hospital and now rehab.

This week was supposed to be a project quilt and dress sewing marathon. But of course things never go as planned. I should have learned that by now. So I managed to iron some fabric and sew up only 3 dresses this week. Remember next Sunday is Easter. And then when I got home from rehab Sunday I did as I planned on Friday. I used a Jelly Roll set I pulled out and started to sew. I finished the quilt top and spray basted it together about 9pm and had to go. I took my youngest to my inlaws and picked my oldest up from work. Then I went to my sisters to help her with her lady minute packing. And packing we did until midnight. After that, it was back home. Luckily my husband was still awake and I sewed for close to an hour. Then to bed only to send my son off at 630 to church. Now do you see how crazy my life has been. I then knew I could get 1 more hours sleep, which I really needed. Then up to quilt again and machine stitch the binding. Oh, what a day! But it's done.
Now off to church, a little late, but at least I am going.

This quilt I am giving to my mother. She is jealous that since I started making quilts over a year ago that she has not received one. The reason is I am working on a postage stamp quilt. I have pieces so far from all over the US and Australia. I need more though(hint if your willing to send 2 inch squares). I don't know why but I took inspiration from the fact that these squares came from a swap from quilters all over who cared enough to send them to me. Well my mother is not my real mother, but she has treated me as her own for almost 23 years. So of course she is my mother. She took kids in who were in the states system. She did not care who they were, where they were from or what they looked like. As I felt the same about the fabric I received. So that was my inspiration to make the postage stamp quilt that I am neverendedly making, but with your help may be completed.
So to get back to the last project quilt challenge. Since my week was so crazy I decided to take the easy way out and do a jelly roll quilt so Moma would have one at rehab. She had temporarily stolen my sisters quilt that she was taking to Germany. So I stole that quilt back last night and worked my butt off to bring her one today!!! Spring in SC is a mix of browns and greens and flowers and wildlife coming back and that is just what this fabric is!!! I use one Jelly Roll, 2 charm packs on the sides to make it wider and I am excited to give this to her today and will try to give you a picture of her with my next post!!

Please say a prayer for my Mom. She is one of the most special people to me and I don't know what I would do without her.

Ps. Excuse the pictures. They were taken of course on a rainy spring day!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stash Report

I have decided to use my blog to keep myself sewing instead of buying fabric. So I have to keep up with the yards I buy.

Bought 23 yards

Used 12 yards

A large amount of the fabric I bought this week was bought for a crib set I will be doing in a few weeks. I decided to overbuy not knowing what she will want Added at the last moment.

So if you see a stash report in my blog a few times a month you will now know why! When I get my new machine in a few weeks I will start sewing away!!

Project Quilt Page 28!!!

     So I did not start this challenge till Friday.  Yes, finish a quilt by Sunday morning.  I had planned on cutting during the week then sewing Thursday and Friday to quilt on Saturday.  You know that plans never work out. Well Thursday I was so tired that nothing got done.  Friday morning I started cutting only to take my son to the hospital.  Only another saga in the constant crazy life of my sons.  This time my son opted not to go to surgery but use antibiotics 1st.  So I am up late cutting and writing tonight so I can post this with pictures tomorrow.  I can't sleep so what better to do at 2 in the morning but type and cut!.  So if the quilt gets done sewing and quilting will occur Saturday in a sewing Marathon!
     The challenge this week was to look at a magazine on page 28 and come up with a quilt inspired by that.  If you know anything about my place we have hunting and fishing magazines and thats about it.  So I flipped open to a few hunting/fishing magazines and thought for a moment that I would do this crab  quilt that I had put up some fabric for.  Then I realized that I did not have enough to do it and would have to buy some.  So that was out.  When I started this challenge I decided that I was not going to buy any fabric to complete this challenge.  It had to come from the stash only.  I went the rest of the week with no idea because I had no time to think!  Then I received a package in the mail and saw a blog by "I'm a Ginger Monkey" of a chevron quilt.  So I decided I would use the material from my rainbow swap to make a Chevron Quilt!  But my top has taken a lot longer then 2 hrs!  The picture on page 28 is below but it is a rainbow of fishing lures.  And fish swim zig zag like Chevron!

    I will finish tying this post tonight or tomorrow.


Sunday morning and I am back. Finished the quilt at 230 or was it 330 with time change. When I started to do the binding I decided I should have done it in white, but at the point I was at I was ready to be done and had cut to do the backing as my binding method. Did I tell you I was ready to be done but not tired yet. One of those working days and nights my clock was off thing. So whether I liked the binding or not I was going to use it. But my rainbow backing really kind of matched my rainbow chevron(except to be used for the binding!).
I think I will do another Chevron or 2. The next might be a print quilt. Quests I will have to see what my inspiration may be. My goal for the next week is to catch up on the my favorite block quilt along then to get out a bunch of dresses. Hoping that in the next week I can get my new sewing machine and maybe get started on a crib set! Just ordered the cutest fabric for it. Going along with this weeks Chevron theme!!!

Look up the other quilts or items done this week on "Persimon Dreams" blog they post pictures all week!! Or look at the project quilt page on Flickr!