Friday, April 19, 2013

My New Machine "Joy"

So it took me long enough to figure out what I wanted. Like almost a year at that. I had to get my old machine fixed a couple of times last year so I knew I needed a new one. The only problem was there are too many to choose from. So after those months of looking, I decided on the Janome Horizon. Thanks to Leah Day of She reviewed many machines as a non payed sewer to see which she liked. And she settled on the Horizon and actually just got a new one too!!!
So after talking Frankie into it and ordering my machine I was really excited to start sewing!!! But today was one of those days that I had other priorities:(. And one of those drab days where nothing was right, until I talked to my sister Joy. And better it was!! Yes I had things to do, but she made it all better and let me know not to let anyone steal my joy. So for some reason Joy came to mind when naming my machine!! (And then the thought that when my machine breaks down that I always steal hers!!!). So as in the Tradition that I got from Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks my machine has a name. Not abnormal to the people who talk to their machine!! So welcome yJoy to my family!!! Retiring my 15 year old Kenmore!!

So in appreciation for Leah, my first thing to be sewn is an Ispy Christmas quilt that had been sandwich and never quilted. And to Leah, You were right,,,
I love this machine!!!


  1. Congratulations! What a great machine!!! I bought my Janome PQ-C 1600 nearly a year ago and never named her. I was thinking about it last night. The only thing I can think of is Big Mama since it's so big, lol! I think Joy is perfect!

  2. A very good decision! I bought a Janome MC6600 nearly one and a half year ago, and I never regret this!!! I love quilting with this machine. So enjoy every second with "Joy"! :)

  3. Thanks!!!! I love her and have tried to work on her every day! Nice to have something dependable!!!!