Sunday, September 7, 2014

Diamond Rainbow table runner


   A few months ago I made my first little twister quilt.  It was this cute rainbow Wall hanging.  If you know anything about little twister quilts, you know that they create a lot of scraps.  And if you know me, I hate wasting fabric.  I saw in a blog that you can cut triangles out of all the outside leftover fabric and cut 2 inch squares out of all inside scraps.   I already used the 2 inch squares as a boarder on the original quilt.  I forgot to take during photos, but here is the before and after of the original quilt!

    I used the ruler to make inch triangles out of the outside scraps.  I then laid them out to make a diamond.  I tried to not put like colors together, but decided to let the oranges touch in the middle.  The triangles are a little different to sew together.  You have to make sure the points and angles align.   Then you have to make sure you press the right direction when you iron.   As long as you do those 2 things, the top goes together quickly. 

     I quilted it by stitching a 1/2 inch away from all seams forming a triangle in each triangle.  I used several colors of thread using up almost empty spools and bobbins.  I think it added to the rainbow effect!! 

     I used a rainbow material binding on it that I am still not sure if I liked.  My good friend Tonya says it looks good, so I will go with her and live with it!!

     I based both my ideas for the original quilt and this diamond off this blog;  I love other peoples ideas!!! But I don't want the credit and know everyone likes the tutorials!!

     The Project Quilt Challenge on the Persimon Dreams Blog is Mini Quilts this month.  I am trying too finish one for each week this month.  Here is #2!!  

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