Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another Crazy Stressful week

Last Saturday I thought I was going to a Goodbye/birthday party, but instead I went to a going to the hospital party. My mom had an event and broke her hip. Since then I have spent most of the waking moments(and sleeping) of my days off with her at the hospital and now rehab.

This week was supposed to be a project quilt and dress sewing marathon. But of course things never go as planned. I should have learned that by now. So I managed to iron some fabric and sew up only 3 dresses this week. Remember next Sunday is Easter. And then when I got home from rehab Sunday I did as I planned on Friday. I used a Jelly Roll set I pulled out and started to sew. I finished the quilt top and spray basted it together about 9pm and had to go. I took my youngest to my inlaws and picked my oldest up from work. Then I went to my sisters to help her with her lady minute packing. And packing we did until midnight. After that, it was back home. Luckily my husband was still awake and I sewed for close to an hour. Then to bed only to send my son off at 630 to church. Now do you see how crazy my life has been. I then knew I could get 1 more hours sleep, which I really needed. Then up to quilt again and machine stitch the binding. Oh, what a day! But it's done.
Now off to church, a little late, but at least I am going.

This quilt I am giving to my mother. She is jealous that since I started making quilts over a year ago that she has not received one. The reason is I am working on a postage stamp quilt. I have pieces so far from all over the US and Australia. I need more though(hint if your willing to send 2 inch squares). I don't know why but I took inspiration from the fact that these squares came from a swap from quilters all over who cared enough to send them to me. Well my mother is not my real mother, but she has treated me as her own for almost 23 years. So of course she is my mother. She took kids in who were in the states system. She did not care who they were, where they were from or what they looked like. As I felt the same about the fabric I received. So that was my inspiration to make the postage stamp quilt that I am neverendedly making, but with your help may be completed.
So to get back to the last project quilt challenge. Since my week was so crazy I decided to take the easy way out and do a jelly roll quilt so Moma would have one at rehab. She had temporarily stolen my sisters quilt that she was taking to Germany. So I stole that quilt back last night and worked my butt off to bring her one today!!! Spring in SC is a mix of browns and greens and flowers and wildlife coming back and that is just what this fabric is!!! I use one Jelly Roll, 2 charm packs on the sides to make it wider and I am excited to give this to her today and will try to give you a picture of her with my next post!!

Please say a prayer for my Mom. She is one of the most special people to me and I don't know what I would do without her.

Ps. Excuse the pictures. They were taken of course on a rainy spring day!

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