Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not A Normal Sunday

     Today was not a normal Sunday.  I guess a few parts are, but thats about it.  I stayed up after Midnight working on the quilt that I told you about earlier.  After falling asleep at about 2 am I was back up a few after 6 to get Wade off to Church and Frankie off to work.  The somewhat normal part.  Then to take an hours nap that ended up being a 2 hour nap.  Oops now I was late to church, but I had to finish my project quilt, quilt.  Which I did and got ready for church and left, just to turn around because I forgot the quilt at home.  Got to church 30 minutes late,  but that was ok because it was a 1 1/2 hour service that I really needed to hear.  And of course my son was playing!  Then to help cleaning up the church and head to see my mom at rehab.
     I was in a hurry to get to rehab because my sister left for Germany today for a year.  And we were gong to say our goodbyes.  But on the way there she called and told me that my Nephew and his wife's little girl was born.  Welcome to the world Teagan Lail!!!!!   So there went my goodbye.....  But I had to visit my mom before returning to pick my son up, who took a trip to a Wildlife show in Columbia with his other Grandfather.  Wade and I visited mom and went shopping for her.  The things you realize you want and need when you are gone from home for a week.  But anything I can do for her.  And did I forget to tell you it poured down rain all day?
     When I went to leave my heart sunk.  I had not really said goodbye to my sister Joy.  Not the way I wanted.  Joy is not only a big sister she is a second mom.  She is almost old enough to be my mom.  She is the one I call when I need to talk, when I need advice, when something is wrong.  She can always fix things.  A year without her.  A year when I cant talk to her at the spur of the moment.    This will be a hard year.  I love my sister Joy.  She is a great woman!  A mother, a sister, a grandmother, a friend, a nurse and a sailor.  She is a reservist in the Navy and I am so proud of her!

   Enough of my rambling that always makes me feel better.  On to my stash report....

So I skipped last week and need to catch up!

Stash bought starting in March: 23 yards

Stash used previous starting in March: 12 yards

New Stash: 18 yards

Stash used in last 2 weeks: 14 yards

Stash overage so far 15 yards

Will be doing a lot of sewing the next 2 weeks, So I hope to even this out!

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