Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sew Cute Tuesday

     As many of you know I have been using my blog as stress relief, a way of sharing and to encourage my sewing. When things bother me I sew or write. The funny thing is that in school I never liked to write.  As I laid in bed this morning I came across another day of the week blog(I love getting inspiration frim blogs!!) I opened it because of these slippers in the front photo!  Oh a new encouragement!!!! I love it and that is why I love blogs.  As my friends know I only have boys(wish I had a girl:(), but I make lots of girls cloths!  My friend and I have started a new adventure.  The adventure in applique.  So todays post will be a dress I made for my niece.  With a little alligator and big rick rack.  Next time I will make the Alligator bigger.  I also made this owl dress. My friend and I are on a new appliqué journey. Excited about the partnership that this will build. The rest of today I will work on this quilt. To be blogged about later!!

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