Monday, April 29, 2013

"Fall Grapes"

     Months ago my friend Marcia released a quilt pattern called Summer Tomatoes.  I loved it and immediately thought fall grapes.  Here it is: (Cant get her picture to load, but its beautiful!)


    So each time Marcia put her purples on sale I kept buying.  Unknown to the fact that her wholesaler had discontinued one, so I could not make to big of a quilt.  So the pattern and the FQ went into a box in my endless jungle of sewing and craft stuff to be done another day!  Then the new monthly challenge at Project quilt came up (  So after reading the challenge and then reading up on my Zodiac sign I decided to use the Summer Tomato pattern to make a fall grapes quilt.  Libra is the celebration of the crops planted in spring and later harvested in the fall.  In my middle/high school years, my dad harvested grapes at the edge of our yard.  Otherwise known as Muscudine.  Here in my area they are grown everywhere and loved.  I never had a taste for them.  But this year I decided I am going to use them to make grape jelly (one of my husbands loves).  I don't know if this is what Kim wants me to do for her challenge or not, but it is helping me knock out my quilt bucket list!!  

    So I started the challenge Monday night after I waited all month to start.  Giving me just over a week to finish.  The pattern is set up to be a table topper but if a few of the pattern are put together it becomes a quilt.  I only have enough to do a 50x50 quilt.  Just big enough for a good lap quilt.  

     So below are the pictures of my quilt and the steps.  After making the 1st one the rest are easier to do. You just cut and sew strips together then sew them onto the blocks and cut again and your practically done.  I made a few alterations and added some strips in to make it bigger  but pretty much kept her principal quilt.   I then FMQ on my new machine.  Actually it is the first quilt that I have done start to finish on my new machine "Joy"!!!  I tried to do the circle pattern that Marcia did but mine is not as pretty as hers, but practice may hopefully make things perfect one day!! I also used one ofthe stitches on my new machine to add something to the binding. I took the pictures at the grape vine.  It is pretty with its spring green colors!!
     I decided to give this quilt to Amanda.  I guess she is next in line in the family.  She deserves it!  She tried to drive down here(2hrs) last week to take my mom to my sons concert and her little girl Sophie started to puke all over the car:(  even though she did not make it she make my week.  That was one of the most touching things that anyone has ever done in my life!!!  She is a very earthy person and would understand the purpose behind the quilt.  And I think she will live under it for a long time with a book!
     Just to give a little advertisement to Marcia. She is a wonderful long are quilter. She long arms for a living but also has a fabric business on the side. She has all kinds of blender fabric and lots of 108inch extra long fabric. She is a wonderful business woman and over time I see her as a friend. I had a rush order that I had to place for a swap not long after I first discovered her business. She not only rushed my order she even cut my squares. I can not tell you enough how I have enjoyed doing business with her!
Hope to get 2 quilts done in the next 2 weeks for my 2 nephews that I will be meeting soon!!! So until then Happy sewing!!! Oh, and look up project quilt and join in the May challenge!!!

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  1. Perfect interpretation of your sign! Just what I was hoping for :) Nice quilt!