Monday, June 30, 2014

My First Thread Painted Panel

     Something new!! I have not blogged in a while.  So how about something new taking over my blog to give me a kick start back into blogging!!!

     I have really never thread painted and only ever did one other panel quilt top.  This month the challenge on Persimon Dreams blog was to use a panel to make a quilt.  About 6 months ago my friend Addie brought me a panel and backing material to make a wall hanging.  She wanted me to outline all of the animals and put it together.  With all of the other things I had going in life. I was just not in the mood to do it.   But this challenge kicked me into gear!!

     Part of the reason I had not picked the project up was that I thought just outlining stuff was boring.   Then I watched a video while at a quilt retreat last month on thread painting.   The lightbulb went off and I was hoping to not mess up too much on this piece.   I wish I had taken a picture before starting.   

     I squared up the sides and then added a paisley brown boarder material.   I had to do the same thing with the backing since the fabric she brought me was not big enough.  Then I put my free-motion Quilting foot on my machine.   I then went on a thread hunt threw the many spools of thread I had to find the shiny ones.  The backing fabric was mostly green,  so chose a roll of Exquiste embroidery thread that I bought at a sale a while back.   

     I started with the garland at the top with the same color thread as the back.  In the end this was my favorite part.  I just did straight lines in the direction I thought the pine needles were going in.  I filled this area in really well.  The thread color is lighter then the fabric color so I think it popped out.  

     I then moved to the grey horse.  This is my favorite horse of the 2.   The gray horse in the print on the fabric had more shades of gray in it then the brown.  I followed the outline of the horse then just moved along doing straight lines in the areas where the shades changed.  I curved the lines in the areas of the horses limbs.  This made the horse really popped out.  

     I did the same thing with the other horse and lambs.  With the lambs I did not do as much detail work.  Addie loves horses, so I wanted then to stand out more. 

    I then went to the tree.  I started with the green and was doing a zig zag like pattern.  This is the only thing I don't like about the quilt, but lessons are always learned.   I then added areas of white thread where there is snow.  I was going to outline the star on top with yellow, but thought the yellow that was there already was bright enough. 

     I went back in and outlined all of the ornaments on the tree and in the garland.    I then outlined the ribbon.  I tried to fill areas of the ribbon in by doing a curved line.  The same way a ribbon would naturally curve and thickened the lines where it would bunch together. 

     I did not add any stitching in the sky or ground.  One of my other debates.  I felt that I wanted the center to stand out and if I did that, it might take away from it.  I did do some straight lines of grey and white in the tall grass to seperate the sky and ground.   I think this might have added  the amount needed for the background.

     I then did just a basic swirl on the brown border.  I started with a brown to cream verigated thread.  But I wish that I had stuck with the brown.  I ended up finishing it in brown.  My machine started to act up and kept popping the thread.  Just a sign I needed to change the thread!! 

     I finished the quilt with a cream on cream binding.  I tried a new method of sewing on the binding and need I say that won't be done again.   

     I hope Addie likes it!! This wall hanging is right up her alley.   Ignore the unusual picture taking.  I forgot to take photos and had to take in the parting lot. 

      For those of you who have read this, what is your thought.  Should I go back and fill in the sky and ground or leave it how it is? 

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