Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Different Definition of "Independence"

   I started this month making a red, white and blue quilt for the July Project Quilt Challenge.   I was making it with my normal thought that the word "independence" meant the freedom the American soldiers gave me.  Well events happen and thoughts change.  So I started another quilt.   

     In nursing school you are taught to do anything you can to preserve a patients "independence".  Last week I found out that one of my good friends husband had a stroke.  He lost total use of his right side and has been unable to speak.   He has now been moved to rehab to help him regain his "independence".  We are talking a younger, active independent man,  who is now dependent on others to do everything for him.  

     So my definition of "independence" is now the ability to get out and do what you want.  The ability to live from day to day independently.   The ability to not rely on others.  

     Curtis is a typical Southern guy who likes to hunt and fish.  My family is the same way,  so it was pretty easy for me to make a quilt that he would like out of fabric on hand.  I bought the deer material backing to back a quilt for my son.  But of course that and the camo bolt I had on hand mixed with some solids was all I needed to make him a quilt.  

     I cut 6 inch strips out and sewed them together as I would binding.  I then cut a piece of fleece just big enough to be a good wheelchair lap quilt but still be able to be used in a recliner.  I made the quilt using the sew as you go method.  I like the look where the angles are in a row and it's not all one color.  I only let there be one solid strip and that was camo!  I binded it with plain black material that matched the black in the quilt.  

     My boys and I brought it to the hospital this week.  I love to teach my boys that giving is always better then receiving.  I also talked to my boys about how visiting people when they are down and at their lowest helps to pick them up.    That helping people to know their value helps them to work their hardest to get their "independence" back!   I hope he enjoys his quilt!  And maybe he can get back hunting!!



  1. That was very sweet of you Terry. I'm sure he will really appreciate your gift as well as your visit with him. Good for you for teaching your sons well!

  2. What a wonderful work you are doing!!

  3. What a thoughtful gift! Well done.