Saturday, December 20, 2014

2015 Goals!!

     In 2015 I am going to be more realistic then 2014.  And I am going to try to knock out things off my 2014 list!!!

     The month of January 2014 threw a ax in my plans for 2014 and put a halt to any plans I had to accomplish my goal.  As I look at the list I feel I did really well considering my year.   

     As I think about and plan for my goals for 2015,  I know I will be moving so I am going to try and be realistic.  In my realism I know I will need to finish as many of my projects from 2014 and earlier as I can.   I have tons of projects either started, cut or planned.  I decided that I am going to make this the year of finishing!  

     The year starts out with Project Quilt.  Each year I have used the goal of using the fabric I have to complete all of the challenges.  I plan this year to try and know some goals off my list with the challenges also. 

     Here is my list:

1. Scrappy Quilt around the World
2. String Quilt
3. Crab Quilt 
4. Jean Scrap Quilt
5. I spy boy quilt
6. I spy girl quilt
7. Christmas I spy quilt
8. Christmas tree quilt
9. Civil War quilt
10. Batik quilt
11. 2 inch quilt
12. Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt 2013
13. Feed Sack quilt
14. Autism Quilt
15. Crown Royal Quilt
16. Herbie scrap quilt- Shawn 
17. Bejeweled quilt
18. All Project quilts
19. Yenter Star quilt
20. Anna tshirt quilt
21. Brad wedding quilt
22. Tree skirt
23. Ahhhh Quilt

     My goals for January are too finish 2 project quilt quilts,  finish 2 projects for the quilting by hand challenge and to finish and bind my Camo table runner. 

Well here is 2015!!!  I am hoping it will be a wonderful year for all!!!!

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