Monday, April 13, 2015

Pat Sloan's String Bean Challenge


  This Quilt started out as one not meant to be.  Pat Sloan's current challenge requires you to use some of her fabric.  I first ordered some online and  not long later received a refund.  It was out of stock.  The next week I was taking a trip to Charleston so I decided to go on a fabric hunt.

     In the Charleston SC area we are limited to just a few fabric stores.  My first stop was Stitch n' Sew, no luck.  After that I wondered over to Five Eighths seams and again.  No luck.  So last stop and way out of my way was People, Places and Quilts.  By far my favorite quilt store.  I almost walked out without any of Pats fabric.  Just by chance I look down on the clearance Wagon and what do I find??  I bought the last 4 yards of her fabric!!! I did leave a few fat quartes for the next desperate hunter!! 

    My next step was figuring out the fabrics.  My usual quilt designing is to figure out the pattern after I choose the fabric.  With this challenge I had to rotate my normal thinking.  I decided to goggle paint palettes and decided on this color way. 

     I went to my scrap basket and started cutting strips.  I started with 20 Fabrics but ended up with 22 after cutting pieces. 

     The sewing marathon was on!!  The String Bean blocks went together quickly.  I tried to chain piece them which worked out really well! I finished in 2 sittings!!  Makes me think about precutting all my pieces for other quilts!! 

     I decided to make this quilt 4 rows across and 4 down.  Pat in her challenge gave you the block but not a layout for the quilt. 

     I decided to add a border to the quilt. The only fabric I had enough of was Pat's.   I think she meant for her fabric to be highlighted so the Dots it was!  I made the border 4 1/2 inches wide.

     For the backing I used a piece of red and orange that was large enough. 

     I am still working my way threw Leah Days Free Motion Quiltinh Videos.  The next video was clamshells.  She said to start these on a straight edge.  I decided to go around the outside of my quilt with these.  I think I did pretty well!!  

     When I finished the outside I was just not feeling it.  So I watched the next video.  It was on pine needles.  I thought this might look good in the long strips. 

    I started out doing it like Leah said but as I made a few mistakes I felt they looked more like string bean leaves and the block name.  So of course that's how I finished the rest of the quilt, 

and the outside borders.  

     I could not decide on the binding.  I knew there was to much red in the quilt.  I needed to do pink or Aqua.  Just couldn't decide on which.  So my friend Teri chose the Aqua!!  

     So here's Pat Sloan's String Bean Quilt!!  I am going to give it to my Unckes wife who has recently started cancer treatment.  I hope it gives her comfort. 

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