Saturday, April 25, 2015

Following Along with Leah Day

     As most of you know I enrolled in a Leah Day Free Motion Quilting video Craftsy video.   The sad thing is I enrolled in did not start really watching it for almost 10 months.  Big mistake.   I have learned so much watching the video!

     I have the same machine as she does in the video.  It has made it so easy to make the adjustments that she has on the machine and problem solve.  

     It may not be the most popular way to practice, but as I watch the video I use each new design on a full quilt,  not on practice pieces.  This allows me to repeat the design enough to become proficient in it.  

     In my newest quilt, Cherry Blossom Boxes, I used 3 designs off the video.

     The first block is a circular flower. I did this in each block of the quilt.  I drew the flowers out with a Frixion pen ahead of time. I had to use multiple pens show up on the different colors in the blocks.   

     The flower starts with a circular center that I turned into a swirl.  It then goes to petals that overlap. The flowers are not perfect and each is a little different.  Once I got the rhythm of each flower they went along easier! 24 flowers later I think it looks good!! 

     Between each flower is a chain of pearls. This consisted of a wrist workout! You made a circle that touched the outer edges of each row then swirled into a new circle.  Each circle started from the opposite direction.  After getting the rhythm of the circles this quilting went along pretty quickly.  I did the chain of pearls in all the sashing. 

     The last quilting I did on the quilt was on the outside border.  It is called Ricer Path.  It is my least favorite part of the Quilting in the quilt.  From the video I now understand about how you have less control on the outside edges.  I also feel that if I had gone smaller with the first row(center in river) it might have been an easier task. 

     I have now decided that I am going to finish the video and then start it over again.  I feel that if I do that I will be more proficient and the patterns I quilted.  Each section of the video gives you new tips that you can put in your practice.  I would like to see how much I have improved in the end! 

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