Thursday, July 2, 2015

June's Focus Through the Prism Friendship Star

     The June Project Quily Focus Through the Prism Challenge left me struggling.  I had an idea of what I wanted to do,  but couldn't figure out how I wanted to do it. The 20 inch size requirement is not an easy dimension to divide by 3.  So on to the thinking process. 

     In the process I emailed my friend Bea Lee.  She is really good at working with the EQ7 software.  I am thinking hard about buying it.  She emailed me back and made this blog post.

     She had the same issues with the dividing by three without making the block size odd.  So we decide to add the outer boarder.  But after watching how easy it was to design the quilt on EQ7,  I was sold.  Once we move in the new house,  it's my first me purchase!!

     I followed what Bea did in the blog but added two extra blocks at the corners. 

     I decided at the beginning of this challenge that I would only use the challenge color hand dyed fabric and a and a neutral in each mini quilt.  I would also do the colors in the line of ROYGBIV, which makes this month, Orange.   I am trying to only my use my fabric stash. So I thought I had enough of the fabric but was a few inches short.   So with improvisation in mind,  I changed up one fabric on the small blocks.

    I added a chevron to the smalln blocks in the corner. It really made those small friendships to pop more!  Even though I wish I could have seen it done all in the other fabric! 

     The blocks are 6 1/2 inches each then a 1 inch border.  I bordered it in the hand dyed fabric.  For the binding I used the chevron.  I actually hand sewed it.  Not my usual stitch on by machine!

     I finished the top early in the month and just did not know what I wanted to do to quilt it.  I finally decided to stop outside of my comfort zone and go simple.  I only outlined the star inside of the large block 3 times and the small blocks once. 

     Two months down and here are my 2 together.  The first after a boo boo washing.  So sad to see it bleed but this month I prewashed my fabric. 


  1. It really is frustrating to come up a few inches short. And portions of my stash are so, ahem - "well aged" - that I'd never be able to locate any more.i love the orange and white leaf print - so perfect with the orange cherrywood.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful, and I love that you chose to photograph it with the antique tractor. Best of luck with this month's challenge!