Friday, July 31, 2015

Sunshine In A Box Challenge Finish!!

     The month of July has has gone by so fast.   This has been a month of moving, vacation, working and packing.  And this month has been an entire month of no sewing, until last night.  I just had to finish the "Focus Through The Prism Challenge".  I am not going to miss a month! 

    This month the idea block was log cabin.  And of course I decided to stay inside my box and do a traditional mini quilt.  I wanted to use as many yellows as I could and make it all yellow.  To be untraditional I thought I would Free Motion Quilt each piece different. 

     I dug threw my scraps and put as many yellows as I could into a pile.  I had the main hand dyed yellow fabric and two more out of a grab bag I bought.  I chose yellow because I am following the order of ROYGBIV and it's the third month! 

     I drew up a plan.  I decided to make the center little block be the main dyed fabric and then border the outside in the same. 

     I then commenced to cutting the strips into 2 1/2 inch pieces.  Then built the log cabin block in no particular fabric order.  There are a total of 19 strips in the mini quilt. 

     I quilted the quilt in a random pattern, literally whatever came to my mind.  It all started with my favorite swirl and went off of that.  Each strip is totally different.  Most are off the Leah Day series I went threw a while back.  I left the outside border plain with just a line sewn about a quarter inch out.

    After Quilting it i squared it up to 20 inches. I bound it in another contrasting yellow fabric. I hand sewed the binding down to give it a crisp look. 

     The backing is in a light yellow. Very plain but was a large enough scrap out of my stash. 

     I am calling this Sunshine in a box(even though I had to wait on the rain to finish to photograph it)!!  I finished it in less then 24 hours.  Thanks  for all those that encouraged me.  Can't wait to see the challenge for tomorrow! 


  1. This is a bright little quilt with all the yellow. I really like all the different quilting you did. Congrats on a finish in a very busy month!!

  2. Love the peacock feather quilting. I'm using the challenge as a way to try new things - decorative stitches, 3d construction, new FM patterns. A 20" square is doable.