Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Mini Vacations!!

     So this quilt is totally out of my norm and so is the photo.   I have had a stressful last few weeks and can finally say I have moved into my new house!  Unfortunately,  My sewing room is not moved in.  That is the last thing I need to move out of the other house.  Then I unexpectedly had to work a 16 hour shift yesterday followed by a 12 today.  My sewing time for yesterday evening was officially shot. 

     At 1020 last night when I finally got home I went into what is going to be my sewing room, looked at the stuff I brought there to use to make this quilt and walked out to go to bed.  Yes, I was a little overwhelmed.  This morning I got up early and took the scraps I picked up and took them to work. 

     This is my little hand sewn piece I came up with.  No adhesive.  All done the old fashion way. It is a version of what I originally planned.  My Pink Kayak going down the river. 

   Its 12 x 14 and Made of all scrap strips.  I did a sew as you go method, quilting down each piece on top of each other.  I did fold over binding.

     No time for my usual photos, so here is one in the back seat of my car.

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