Thursday, January 31, 2013


If you are raising kids, I know you are stressing about something. In the last week, all I feel like I have done is deal with kids and their problems. And when you finally get to where you think they understand, they do the same thing again. I feel like the cycle never ends. Maybe one day they will learn a lesson. I hope I haven't had a stroke or a heart attack by then.

One of the best things out of this is the reminder that my kids go to a good school. My sons have both been blessed with a wonderful principal, Janie Langley. Some may not like her, but for the reason they don't like her, I love her. She is stern and to the point. If she doesn't agree with you she will tell you. But what I like most is what she says, she does. It's hard to find people anymore that don't care if they are politically correct or not only that they do the right thing. And for that I think Macedonia Middle School is one of the best places you can send your kids.

One of the best things I did in the last week was to ride with Wade to Lexington to try out for All State Jazz Band. I think that Wade learned a lot even though he did not make it. It also allowed me to spend time with Wade. I know now that he has his license now and I will see him less. I just hope he doesn't forget where he came from and what we taught him.

We also opened a checking account for him. He got his 1st check this week. It really made me feel like he was taking a step into adulthood. He is getting so old.

And onto my items of the week. Last week Waylon wanted to learn to sew, so he could make is Grandpa an apron. We spent a quality hour and a half together. Time I will never forget! He actually was patient and helped with every step. It turned out great and I think his PaPa loves it!!! Great gift for a 66h birthday.

I finished challenge 2 of project quilt and made my sister Nancy a black and white Pinwheel quilt. I actually love how it turned out. I just wish I did not have to rush threw it. But as one of my mentors say: the little imperfections in a handmade item, gives it character!!

And last I posted a picture of the paper piecing quilt I am making. These are the hexagon stars sewn into a triangle so far. It's going to take a long time to make this since every piece is hand stitched. I think I might actually keep this for myself!

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