Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year With A Lot of Changes In Store

It's been a while since I posted. Had a very busy last part of the year. I really kicked in my sewing business and made so many dresses I could not keep count. And wreaths... Oh my, for a while I thought they were coming out of everywhere. But it's the best of my 2 joys, making things and making others happy!!!

I love to give back to others what was once given to me. The talent God gave me to craft and sew has now allowed me to help others. Thus my business began. "Fostering Others".

So if you are going to a shower, need a dress or cute pair of pants, or a wreath or any other handmade item, let me know. I will enjoy creating you something!

Now to what's new. I have been experimenting with Free Motion quilting since before Christmas. I finally took a class last week and I am on a roll!! For those of you who don't know what that is. It's all the sewing on a quilt top that's not in strait lines. It is really stress relieving!!

And last week I started on a new challenge called Project Quilt. I think it will help me this year to finish presents and quilts for Christmas. And on top of that, it will help me learn new skills in my favorite new hobby of quilting! I finished an entire quilt in a week that I am just putting back till I need it!!

This weekend I also used up the last of my oranges and tangelos from the holidays and made Orange Marmalade. The only bad thing is my boys want to dig in and it said to let it sit for 2 weeks. So the wait begins. I might share how it turned out then!!!

During the weekend I started my newest project. Called paper piecing. This is how they hand made quilts years ago without a machine. I have finished my first star and actually I am hoping to finish an entire blanket with it. I think this may be my first blanket that I ever keep for myself!!!!

I will try to post an update this week and say a little prayer today. Wade goes for his first job interview!

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