Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday

So I am on vacation from work and life. I have this crazy sinus thing going on, so all is not going as planned. So My plan was to sew and clean. And sewing I have done. But not much cleaning!!! One of my goals was to get my precut pile cleaned out. Over time I have cut out several items and placed them in a pile. I keep saying I am going to get to them but we all know what happens.... I was able to finish 5 skirts that you will see below. These skirts were either upcyled jeans or made out of my leftovers from dresses. I made 4 camo dresses, 3 T-shirt dresses and sewed together some leftover squares for a camo quilt. Oh and one Sunflower wreath(picture of that in a future post)!!! I feel really accomplished in the craft world, but not as much in the house:(. I did make muffins, do laundry and fixed beef stew though. So tomorrow you know what's top priority after the vet!
Goal for the next week is to make a crib set, 3 dresses and 4 more wreaths, ohhh and my project for Project Quilt!!

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