Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rocket Quilt

Another end of the month and day to post my Project Quilt project. And in routine for me I am trying to make them all full size and use fabric I already have. I keep pushing myself and finish at the last moment each month. And have again with this one.  So much that I forgot to post it.  See on the 31st I finished late then worked all night.  I was going to take pictures of it in the morning but the multitude of things happened.  I got off work late, I got some really bad news and then I got some really good news.  My sisters had twins!!!!!  A whirlwind of a day.  They are in NICU now but I am hoping to hold them when I go there Friday.
     Now back to the quilt, I had the top done for a few days, but with work and other things I just can't get to it.  So last minute me spent every minute sewing.  On to explaining the quilt: I have had this rocket fabric for at least a year. When I saw the colors for the Spring Pantone, I went to my fabric collection and this is what I saw first. I pondered all month about what to do and saw this tube quilt tutorial. I played around with this on a table runner and decided that I would use it for this. I then did some math figuring and decided to try to use the line on my 9 1/2 inch square. This worked perfect if I sewed two 3 3/4 inch pieces together then a 7 inch. It made 9 1/2 inch squares. I used 4 different colored fabrics and a white.   It was really easy to put together.  But for some reason when I put the border on te quilt the fabric seemed to stretch and it turned out lumpy.  I decided to quilt it that way anyway due to time. Then as I was FMQ the thread kept acting up.  And I learned I dont do straight lines well FMQ. Will try another way next time. I did a really neat xxxx pattern on the binding. Will try this again. It looks really secure. On the back I took a piece of rocket fabric, cut it in half and placed a piece of the stripe material in the center. I love how it allows for more of the big rockets to show.

This quilt will be given to Mr Johnny Hoffman. He was my husbands neighbor for most of his childhood. He spends a lot of time with my younger son Waylon and is like a grandfather to him. His hobby is rockets and he teaches a lot of youth and young adults the science behind it! So over a year ago when I first saw the rocket fabric I knew I had to get it for him. I think this will be his fathers day present!!

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