Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mug Rugs

I     I joined a group on Facebook called Just Us Quilters.  I love the ideas!! I joined in a swap they had for the 1st time.  It was a Mug Rug swap.  Mug Rugs ate just little place mats that you can lay a cup and a snack on. 
     I decided that I want to do new quilting methods on small projects.  And if you know me I don't do many small projects. I bought a Dresden plate ruler a long time ago.  I have plans of making lots of sunflowers with it.  So as the practice I decided to make the mug rugs Dresden's and since it was July I scowered my scraps for red, white and blue fabric and anything payriotic.  The pieces I used had to be 2 1/2 inches by 5 inches. I layed them out in a red/blue rotation and my plan was to make a half dresden. Then I sewed all the points and ironed.  This process was actually easier then I thought it would be!!  Then I sewed them up together.  I actually liked the results do much that I made a third even though I only had to mail two.  I wanted to keep my first one ever!
     I then made my quilt sandwiches and free motion quilted.  What I really need to practice. I did my first with a big circle pattern. I realized quick that it does not work out as well on a rectangle. So on the other two I did a loop pattern. This is what I used on my breast cancer quilt. That worked out great!!! 
     The trickiest part was figuring out the circles for the center. I tried a few ways and machine stitched the first 2. Then the 3rd one I ran a running stitch  around and gathered it around a circle of cardboard and hand stiched in place. I really liked it!!! So from now on that will be my way!!! 
     I then hand stitched all the 1/2 Dresden on the quilt sandwich.  I am starting to get really good at hand stittching and think this may be my new thing!!!  I finished it off with a hand stitched binding!!! 
     Oh how I like little projects like this and how easy they are to take somewhere to sew!!  Below is a picture of my mug rugs.  The others are from my swap partner Karen Bedont in Utah.  Hers is black and white and green and has these cute little buttons! And the ruffles on the edges, an idea I would not have thought of!!!

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  1. Love your mug rugs. I like to make small projects when I'm thinking about the next quilt I want to make. Great way to practice free motion quilting. Thanks for sharing.