Friday, October 11, 2013

Lots of Sewing Going on!

     I have actually found a lot of time this week to sew!! Kind of excited.  Actually I am turning out a few of my unfinished projects.  My goal is to finish at least 1 a week.  
     Back when I first started to quilt I cut out all these 6 inch camo blocks.  I had a bunch of mixed color flannel with these.  I have a baby shower next week, and of course it is a camo lover so I knew this would be the perfect project to finish.  I cut these blocks when I first started and they are a little uneven,  but I decided not to care.  This would help tell the story of where I came from!!!!  Now to hand sew the binding, a new adventure for me.
     I have actually been sewing at my moms house on my sister Joys machine. My mom and dad have not been in the best health lately and needed a little help.    My mom came to me while I was at her table and told me that no one has ever had a sewing machine in her house.  Kinda shocked me, but it felt good that I could make a blessing under her roof.  From the looks of things though I might be spending a lot of time here sewing away.  
     Ruffle pants and LongAlls are the craze this week.  Can't remember how many pair I have sewn....  Next week will be the Minnie and Mickey Challenge!!!

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