Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Freedom From Cancer

    It's time for another project quilt post!! As most of you know I am motivated each month to make a new quilt to match a challenge given.  This month theme was freedom.  The same day it was posted my good friend Cindy was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer.  This was her second cancer diagnosis.  
    It made me think what if the world was free from cancer.  What if she had the freedom to live on without this disease. So my theme for my quilt was set.  
     I knew I wanted to make a quilt big enough to comfort my special friend in the time to come.  She is such a sweet coworker and a comfort to all.  The person who is always optimistic and makes sure she puts a smile on everyone's face.  The person who has made it threw all the challenges of her life and taught others lessons.  She is so creative.  She can crochet or knit anything.  Just a genuine friend. 
     I actually cut out squares for a different breast cancer quilt over a year ago. So I used up those squares plus all of my pink fabric from my scap pile that I could make 3 inch squares out of.  The only downfalls were that I was camping while I made it and my little sewing machine does not have a 1/4 inch foot and I ran out of white cotton and had to use some cotton poly blend. And when you iron with that it warps... So needless to say there is some unevenness in the quilt.  It was just another lesson learned. I did the quilt in a basic 16 patch.  I wanted to use the variety of fabric because Cundy liked the old fashion scrappy looking theme.  I actually finished my quilt up early in the month and quilted it when we stayed home. I did a bunch of loops all over the quilt.  I did this because of the breast cancer theme ribbon loops.  The backing is a flowered pattern that I picked up a lot of some time back. I bound it in a pink fabric from the quilt and machine bind it with a loop pattern. The first quilt I have finished really early. 
     My goal was to post a picture of Cindy and the quilt on here, but her sister took her on a trip this week. So another outdoor quilt picture.  Taken in another SC cloudy day. It has done nothing but rain all summer.  When Cindy gets back this weekend I will post one with her!

Here it is!  Thanks to Persimon Dreams Blog for the motivation!!!!

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