Saturday, August 16, 2014

Aunt Edna's Quilt

     My husband and I had our first son young.  I did not work a lot of hours, but when I worked,  my husbands Great Aunt Edna  and Virginia kept Wade with his Great Great Grandma Humbert.   Still to this day Wade likes to ride out to Aunt Edna's house just to eat.   I can never thank her enough for what she did for me.  I really could go on with this but of course this is a craft blog!!!  I was soooo excited to make a quilt for her. 

     The quilt top is made entirely of Aunt Edna's son Herbie's cloths.  He passed away suddenly a few years ago.  I already made 3 quilts out of his cloths for his kids.   This quilt had every thing from seersucker type material too flannel too corduroy. 

     I used the big section of the backs and sleeves of the button down shirts too make 12 1/2 inch squares.  I then tried to match light and dark fabrics together.  I put a line down the center and sewed a quarter inch line on each side and cut the squares in half.  I then laid them out to be a big pinwheel.  Each pinwheel was about 24 inches square. 

     I cut a pair of linen pants up and used it to make a boarder.  I cut the pants into 3 inch wide strips.  I knew I did not have enough to completely box the quilt in, but thought that the quilt looked better with a strip down the center.  So I framed the outside and added kahki corner stones leftover  from one of the other quilts.  I then added corner stones to the outside middle.  I placed a plain strip down the center only one direction. 

     I did a lot of quilting on this quilt.  The first part I did I really did not like.  I tried to free motion a curve on the inner side of each triangle.  It was not the best work of mine,  but I did not want to have to pick out the stitches and mess up the quilt. 

     On one pinwheel I outlined the inner triangle and did a continuos triangle all the way in like a maze.  I loved this effect.  Each pin wheel has a different quilting design as you will see below. 

     On the next one I did a straight line starting on the big side and went all the way to  small side about every 3/4 on an in with a new line. 

     The next pinwheel I did a "V" in the triangle and did the same reduction of the line about every 3/4 of an inch.   

     The last one I did what I would maybe call a shower.  I started at the center point ant the lines went to the bottom spreading out.  

     I really like how this quilt came out.  As I was making it I knew it was the perfect quilt for Aunt Edna with the old fashion design!  I was really excited that her daughter in law Karen gave it too her for her birthday.  And even more excited that I was able to make it!!  I photographed this at the Bonneau ball field.  A place Herbie loved and spent so much time at. 

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