Sunday, August 31, 2014

Camo Chevron Mini Quilt

     This month the Project Quilt Challenge is "Mini Quilts".  A mini quilt being defined as a quilt 24x24 inches or under.  I kind of got excited because I knew I had a lot of scraps in bags that would make perfect small quilts!!! 

     I know a lot of people will get really intracit with their mini quilts, but I knew I would not.   I decided last month that I would finish one unfinished project before starting a new.  I also decided I was going too try and use as much of my fabric stash as I could without buying more.  My stash has really grown,  I guess as many quilters have.   So I knew with this challenge I could make a few quilted table toppers and get them out of my projects to be done basket!!

     I also challenged myself too finish 4 this month!!  One for each week.   I am excited to use these also as FMQ practice pieces!!

     The first one is made out of the leftover triangles from a large strip quilt I made a while back.  I matched each camo triangle up with a colored triangle.  I then used the easy angle ruler to square them up into 3 inch squares.  I then laid the pieces out until I found a pattern to sew together.

     I decided on a chevron or zigzag pattern.  Each zigzag is a different color. With 4 short rows.  I then added a 2 inch camo boarder and binded it with black material.  I quilted it doing a continuous swirl pattern.  Finished it is 13x23.  It is made completely out of scraps even the backing which I used the leftover squares  to make a strip down the center of the quilt.  

     I am redoing my sons room and plan to use this as a runner for his dresser!!

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