Saturday, September 13, 2014

Herringbone Scrap Runner

     Back in May I finished a quilt for my sister of colors that were chosen off a grid using your Birthdate, a a Project Quilt Chsllenge.  I had a bag of leftover scraps that I decided too use as my third project for the Project Quilt Challenge of a Mini Quilt this month.  My goal is 4!  Here is the original quilt. 

     Most of the scraps are the end pieces of the WOF that I made square out of.  I don't what blog I saw this tutorial on, but I saw one where you sew strips together, then turn the ruler too an angle and cut square out of the strips. 

     It did not take me long to sew the strips into one very long strip.   The next challenge was cutting the squares.  I turned the ruler too where there was 4 inches inside the strip.   I tried to make the points go straight up and down.  I then cut till I couldn't cut anymore. It made 12 squares.  

     I turned the blocks too angle where the it looked sort of like a herringbone pattern. I lined it up into 2 rows and sewed them together to make a rectangle runner.  I then added a small border to it.  

     I had a lot of leftover triangles from this.  I then sewed those into rectangles and squared the rectangles into 3 1/2 inch lengths.  I used those for the back.   I also added in an extra strip of fabric and a few leftover squares.  This made for a busy, interesting back, but all scraps. 

     I decided to quilt it by outlining all the borders and blocks with a straight line.  I then wanted to practice FMQ.  I decided to try pebbling in a few spaces.  I did it on plain fabrics in the squares.  I have never done pebbling but will try it again.  It was a process that you have to get use to, but I think turned out good for my first try!!

     I then used the last strips of the floral print to bind it.   It's a small table runner.  I am hoping to get a good collections of items together to make Christmas this year easier!

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