Friday, September 19, 2014

My First Finished Paper Piecing Object!

     Early this year I won a contest at my favorite fabric store,  Hillbilly Quilt Shop.  What I won was a bunch of scraps!  Not what most would see as a prize, but for me it was!!   The prize I won was prebasted paper piecing pieces.  They were made of my favorite fabric,  Jason Yenter Deco.  Tonya the owner knows I love the fabric and these were her leftovers.   I decided that they would be the perfect thing to finish as part of my Project Quilt Mini Quilt Challenge this month. 

     The triangles were already sewn together in sets of 3, to form 1/2 Hexies. I played with the pieces and thought hard about adding more and came up with putting the diamonds on the outside of the 3 Hexies sewn together.  These pieces are all hand sewn together. 

     I still wasn't sure of the design, so I sent a picture to the design Wiz, Tonya.  She came up with adding the triangles to the ends.  And between my son and Tonya, they decided on the Blue fabric.  Which after I finished it, I loved it!!!

     I was going to make a mini quilt and decided against it when Tonya gave me the suggestion of making a pillow cover.  I have never made a quilted pillow cover, so the idea excited me!!  

     I then auditioned different fabrics for the back and again, my design wiz picked the yellow!

     I made a quilt sandwich with the yellow material and batting and practiced quilting on it.  I tried another new design.  It is a peacock feather kind of look.  A loop inside of a loop.  Once I got the feeing of ot this was an easy design to do.  I only now need to figure out how I will do this on a big piece. 

     I squared the piece of quilted material to make a 16 inch square.  I hand sewned the finished paper piecing on.  Then I sewed an envelope back on too the back to finish the pillow.  For the backing I chose the same blue as the triangles!

     This is my first ever completely finished paper piecing object!   I have decided to mail it back to it's origin to go into Tonya's new quilt shop in Cameron, Missouri.  She was the person who started my love of English Paper Piecing, so it makes so much sense for me to send my first finish too her!  

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  1. And it turned out fantastic!!!
    Feel good to get an EPP project done?