Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Tree Quilt

     A few years ago when I first started quilting I made this Christmas Tree for a swap.  It was my first true quilt square.  I bought more fabric then I needed to just make 20 trees.  One of the people who encouraged me to quilt told me if I sewed the same square over and over I would learn to do it right and perfect it!   This was one I squared off wrong so I kept it.  Along with the fabric to make the quilt that inspired the square!!

    This month on Persimon Dreams big, Projrct Quilt started.  The theme is actually trees.  I sat for a wile Sunday trying to think about what to do.  I walked in my sewing room and saw that original tree on the wall.  I knew then that I needed to make the quilt I had been planning on doing for over 3 years.  I also knew that it would be one more goal off my list!!

     I planned out my quilt.  I have long lost the pattern so I had to use the finished block to measure out the squares pieces.  I decided I would do 4 rows of 5 trees with a strip on the top or bottom to offset the rows.  That meant another 20 blocks.  I remembered back to when I wasn't good at quilting and how long the original 20 blocks took.  

     My marathon began!! I cut lots of strips into 2 1/2 inches and then the width of each piece.  I then sewed them up and had 20 finished and squared blocks by Monday night.  I did not plan out the different fabrics,  I just made sure that each tree did not have any repeat fabrics.

     I laid the trees out trying to make sure that 2 fabrics weren't laid out together.  Then sewed them into 4 rows. 

     Then with the opinion of 2 friends I framed it out in red and decides to use the green as the outer boarder.  Then as the final decision I used the inner boarder as my binding. 

     As the backing I found a deal on some Christmas fabric.  I sewed 2 strips together the width of the fabric.  I used a synthetic batting.  The quilt finished to be 60x62.

     I quilting it by outlining all of the red boarders in red.  I then FMQ a swirl around the trees outlining them twice.  I am still not sure if i completely like this. I them used green to put rows in the outer boarder. 

     I know it's right after Christmas, but I can officially say I have started with the decorating for next year!!  Next on the list for this fabric are a few matching table runner for the living room!!  I can't wait till next weeks challenge!


  1. Terry, you have come a long way. I love this quilt and you did great for your challenge. I am a bit envious of you finding time to sew. My poor machine..I really am considering selling it again. I feel like I'll feel better without it staring me in the face every time I am working, you know?
    Anyway, awesome job and can't wait to see your next challenge finish.

  2. Great way to use those Christmas fabrics and I could use this to bust my scrap pile. Great quilt and it will be so nice to pull this out next year for a new decoration.

  3. You did a lovely job on this quilt! I really like it and think I would like the make something like it for my dear mother-in-law. She really loves Christmas and puts up 4 trees every year. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful. I'm impressed that you finished this in a week. How fun is it to see how far you've come using the same pattern?!

  5. I love tree quilts and this one is awesome! Beautiful!