Sunday, February 10, 2013

Whirl Of A Week

     This has been a most eventful week.  Or should I say the later end of it!  I worked last weekend, had a day off only to work 3 nights in a row.  Stayed up to get a haircut and help a friend Thursday only to be drug into the doctor Friday with a hurt son.  Thank goodness for my sister Joy.  She is always there to rescue me when needed! She hooked us up with a good surgeon and Waylon had surgery on Saturday morning.  Wonder if that was enough for one week?
     I think I missed Wades first performance last night.  Had to choose between sleep, him and my nephews party.  I slept first went to the party for a while and came home to finish a quilt.  I really needed the sleep and time away!  But he preformed with the Jazz band before the Orchestra played at the high school.  Hope he had some familiar support!!
     My nephew is 30 today.  it seems like yesterday he has 10 and driving me nuts.  Even though I remember him more as the follower.  He was always the one with the tender heart.  When they all picked at me and he sensed that I was getting upset, he would stop!  So here is my shout out to Happy Birthday Brad Lail!  I am proud of you and can't wait till you finish school!!!!  Oh and for you to give someone a ring(hint, hint)!!!!
     The party was back to the 80's party so please ignore the crazy outfits!  The one with the 3 guys is all 3 of my nephews(Casey, Brad and Josh). My niece Zoie as the Blues brothers! My sister Joy, just guess with her hair! And me and my nephew Brad!!
     Did not get much more then my quilt completed this week and an oops block for the My favorite block challenge.  This week I have high hopes with making some girls cloths and a bunch of blocks for a block swap.  Long weekend of work next weekend, so I dont think I will get much done the following week with another challenge up.  Stay tuned to life as I know it!!

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