Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday!

     I am getting ready for a vendor event and I have a goal of making 10 items each week.  So last night I cut out 11 items and today is sewing day, or I think it is! I have not gotten to sewing.  Using the quiet house time to clean out a cabinet!  The church is having a Lovolution yard sale Saturday.  That means its a free, yes free yard sale.  So its time to give back and clean out my cabinets at the same time!!!  I find the only way to do this is when no one else is around to set on the stuff of pick up what I have already organized!  I think we have all had that problem at one time or another!  And then while my boys watch the newest Duck Dynasty tonight I will sew!
     In the quilting world I am working on a postage stamp quilt for my mom.  It takes decades for mail to get places and I feel like its taking me decades to do this! I have 2 pieces complete with 200 2 inch squares and hundreds to go!  I decided this week to add blue as the sashing and will go get some this week!!  In the meantime I need to sew 3 other sections.  I will be at 500 squares by that time and will have to start collecting more.  My hope is to have no 2 square out of the same fabric!  If you would like to mail me some 2 inch squares I would be overjoyed!!! You can place a bunch in a regular envelope and place a regular stamp on it!  I would be forever in debt to you if you do!!! Until you do a project like this you do not know the thrill of the little squares!!!
   Back to cleaning so I can sew!  Have a good week and check out the other WIP @     These little blogs motivate me to write and I thrive off other blogs and the ideas they give me!!!

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  1. I so love postage stamp quilts! Have several iterations cut out but none sewn together...