Sunday, February 24, 2013

Born in the USA

When I looked up the theme for Project quilt last Sunday I knew I had a lot to do this week. I had to work Sunday night after working the entire weekend, only to work again Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I knew I had another 16 blocks to make for a quilt swap that had to be mailed on Tuesday. The theme was "Wish Upon A Star". Something had to been done with a star in the quilt. It just happened that the quilt swap blocks were Red/White/Blue. And then that a lot of the fabric that I had washed was patriotic star themed fabric. So, since I knew I had plenty of excess material from the swap fabric, I decide to make 12 more squares. Added to the fact that I am still following the commitment not to buy any fabric to complete this challenge. Only using fabric that I already have.
So Monday afternoon I evaluated what I had already(picture below) and started Ironing. I was going to stretch it to meet the 30 block goal. I ironed and cut on Monday. And started to sew on Tuesday. But by mailing time I was only able to mail to make 27 blocks for the swap. Meaning I was only able to donate 2 to the Quilts of Valor(going to injured soldiers)
On Friday and Saturday I managed to finish the Project Quilt challenge! A quilt in a week!!!
I decided to call it "Born in the USA" because my oldest sister is going to Germany for a year and said she is taking a quilt with her. I know that there will be many days that she will be wishing that she was home. So this patriotic blanket was made for her to reminder that she was born here and return her!!! Sometimes I think we forget about the soldiers stationed in non Arab countries and what they do for us. Maybe I will make another one and send it overseas.
The blocks on the quilt are 14 inches. All squares inside are offset. They are made to look crocked. Sashed with red and binding done in tiny star fabric. Free motion quilted with Stars in the center of each block. All done in a week or really 2 days! It is 46x 60.

Hope my next posts are not as boring will be showing you tonight where I am with my paper piecing!! And maybe some clothing updates!!

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