Sunday, February 24, 2013

Paper Piecing

     A little over a month ago I started to doing English Paper Piecing(EPP).  This is the old fashion quilting.  It is where you cut pieces of paper into shapes and hand sew them together.  I was instantaneously hooked!  Then added to the fact that I was using my first Jason Yenter fabric!  I started with large diamonds and used a 6 point star pattern that was inspired by Pinterest!  It was soothing and something I could do on the go.  And if you know me, I need something to do on the go.  I set a goal that I would do 2 a week.  I have made 9 of one pattern and 2 of another in less than 5 weeks.  So I guess I am right on for now!  I have sewn together mo
     A week ago I started the second set.  A set of precut patterns mailed to me by Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks.  They are very inexpensive and perfect cuts and creations!  I love them!  And she mails you a new set(about 8) a month. Excited because I just saw where she posted more tonight!!  Might not catch up till next year!! Tonya also sold me some new Yenter fabric and I love it!!! It is purple Deco and perfect for paper piecing.  Photos below!  And of course with my fabri addiction!!
I am thinking really soon she is going to show us a method that she uses called fussy cut! It's like a kalidescope. Really cool!! Here is a link to her Blog. She is a very inspirational woman who started her business out of necessity. Her husband was ill and out of work. And this stay at home mom has developed a booming business!!! An awesome definition of what a woman can do when her child is in need!! Head on over and see what is happening!! I know if you become a fan you won't regret it!!

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