Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Day of School Teacher Gifts

Guess I am being lazy and waiting to bring Waylon's Teacher Appreciation present on the last day. That's because I am just finishing the last one. I made a table runner for each. Waylon is now old enough that he has told me who not to give something to. Funny how kids are like that and just don't appreciate people sometimes. I guess us as adults are like that too. A few of my friends told me that they don't give their teachers anything because they get enough of our tax money. Well I see it as they spend more time with them on most days then we do. They deserve a treat. Who knows what hell my kids put them threw. So each teacher is getting a runner and a jar of Waylon's jam. Hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoy they fact that the year is over and Waylon is out of the 6th grade. On to the wonders of 7th grade. I pray for good teachers and ones that can stand Waylon!!! Lol!
The last table Runner is for Mrs. Kirby the Band Director. She has taught both my boys and I try to always give her an extra treat. She helped both of them find a love for Music!!!
The table runner is random cuts of two 4 inch strips that I sewed to give the unevenness that I surrounded with 1 1/2 inch strips. I have really enjoyed the ability to make items freely with no design and the creation process that goes with it!!
There are also 2 hot pads I made with scraps. Really enjoying the creativity process! Trying to use everything right now!!

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