Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!!!!!

I haven't been quilting much lately,  been doing a lot of sewing of other things and when I say a lot,  I mean a lot!!  I have been on a dress and crib set spree.  But I did start a new quilt for a friend.  This will be my quilt for Project quilt for the month!
     So today I wanted to say a special thanks fot those in the military or the vetrans out there!! We would not be a free country if it was not for each of you.  Thank you and your families!!!  Today is usually a lake day for my family,  But the weather stinks so its a sewing and cleaning day for me.  Or really a fabric washing and ironing day. I did accomplish recovering a rocking chair and 2 dresses. I also baked some banana muffins (or shall I say over baked). Here are the dresses. Hope to be writing a bunch more and sewing in the days to come!!

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