Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Mom's Last Tree


    If you know me well you know that I have not had a close relationship with my biological mother due to events of my early childhood.  I have not physically seen get since I was 17, but we have kept in touch from afar for most of the last 17 years (Seems odd about the year thing).   On January 15th I received a call from a hospital in Greenville that was almost 4 hours away.   I went to be with my mother as she made some decisions about her care and how she would spend the last days of her life.  She entered into a hospice within 3 days and passed away in 2 weeks.  I spent most of that time with her and will never regret those moments.   As she was passing away I turned this doily into a small quilt.  It came from her house and all the material in it did too. I made this for a Project  Quilt challenge. The challenge was to upcycle.  To use three materials that I would otherwise not use in a quilt to put it together.  I used a silk scarf,  a felt jar openers,  a shirt, 2 pair of pants to make the tree.  I used a lace collar to make the grass. I used another silk scarf for the backing and a container of buttons I found at her house.  I did all of this in one morning.  The last day I received communion with her.  

   One of the odd things is that one of the buttons said est. 1947.  The year she was born.  I originally pulled it out because it was blue, like a blue bird in a tree.  I remember when we were younger she always wore blue. 

     I had a calling to make a tree.  Not sure of the reason, but maybe because she saw her family tree as complete.  In her last 2 weeks, she met all of her grand kids and saw 3 of her children.  We went threw pictures and she told me stories.  My aunts and God, I believe gave me the time with her.  It was a time for healing for us both.  A time to lay the past at rest.  In my heart I believe God gave us some of the most special time.  I wish I had more, but I am thankful for each moment I had. 

     I did a lot of hand sewing during that time.  And know that the comfort of sewing also gave me peace.  I think I will frame this and place it somewhere to always remind me of that time with her! 

     Here she is with me my brother.  One of the last photos she took:(

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